Skinny legs are easy very quickly

Skinny legs are easy very quickly

In the summer, MMs in Hong Kong no longer go to the gym to go to the stovepipe, and do not fight Muay Thai stovepipe.
Now the most popular and trendy stovepipe method can be done at home.
The prop is an elastic fitness band, or it can be replaced with our common rubber band.
I tied it to my feet and lost weight after doing two exercises.
Come and see how amazing and convenient it is.
  This summer, a stretch of resistance training called Kick & Stretch became popular in Hong Kong.
This kind of exercise relies on an elastic fitness belt (also known as Aerobic B, different types of fitness belts have different elasticity, it is recommended to start with a small elasticity), so that women can easily complete a thin leg reduction project within two months.
It’s not difficult to have long legs and kicks for ten minutes a day.
  Ladies sitting and lying for too long every day can cause the thighs and femoral muscles to relax, making it easy for the legs to accumulate fat.
It is difficult to tighten the muscles only by doing yoga or ordinary sports. For example, in the gym, dumbbells or weight training equipment are used to achieve the purpose of skinny legs, and it will stimulate muscle growth.
In fact, the thighs, calves, and femurs are the most powerful muscle groups in the human body, and proper stretching exercises will have a good slender effect.
  Side kicks For the muscles: the thigh muscles and lateral muscles: support the body with the back of the chair, stand straight to the side of the chair, and strap the straps to the heels of both feet.
Straighten your feet up, kick your right foot forward 8-12 times, then do your left foot.
The point of action is the lateral muscles. Be careful not to bend backwards for better results.
  Sitting and kicking For the muscles: The thigh muscles: Move on the chair (recommended to fix the chair position to avoid movement), use the back of the chair as an armrest, and tie the fitness belt to the heel position of both feet.
Straighten your feet together, then kick your right foot upwards 8-12 times, and then your left foot.
The point of action is the thigh muscle.


10分钟瑜伽 魔鬼曲线凸显

10分钟瑜伽 魔鬼曲线凸显
首先暖身练习  首先进行暖身练习,通过10个左右的姿势柔软身体,舒展四肢,减少运动伤害。接着做针对性的体位练习,通过针对臀、腿等部位的外在练习,与内在调息相结合,美化身体曲线,强健肌肉能力,释放压力,消除烦恼。  站立,左小腿向后抬起弯曲,右手抓住左脚,双膝相合,右手臂伸直,左手放在右侧髋部,呼气时向右侧扭转,感受左侧腰部得到伸拉,保持呼吸6到10次。反方向重复。  教练点拨:塑造腰部线条,减少腰部多余脂肪,强化灵活脊柱。  站立,左小腿向后抬起弯曲,右手抓住左脚,双膝相合,右手臂伸直,左手放在右侧髋部,呼气时向右侧扭转,感受左侧腰部得到伸拉,保持呼吸6到10次。反方向重复。  教练点拨:塑造腰部线条,减少腰部多余脂肪,强化灵活脊柱。  美臀体位–蝗虫式  俯卧,双手心向下手臂紧贴身体,双腿并拢,下颌触地。吸气,右腿直腿向上(如果感觉困挠也可屈腿)抬起保持稳定,将左腿屈腿,用左脚心抵住右腿膝盖或大腿前侧,增强右侧臀部的紧张感,意识放在臀部,保持8到10次呼吸。反方向重复。  教练点拨:消除臀部多余脂肪,预防臀部下垂,美化臀部曲线,强化腰肾功能。  俯卧,双手心向下手臂紧贴身体,双腿并拢,下颌触地。吸气,右腿直腿向上(如果感觉困挠也可屈腿)抬起保持稳定,将左腿屈腿,用左脚心抵住右腿膝盖或大腿前侧,增强右侧臀部的紧张感,意识放在臀部,保持8到10次呼吸。反方向重复。  教练点拨:消除臀部多余脂肪,预防臀部下垂,美化臀部曲线,强化腰肾功能。  美腿体位–美腿式  左腿屈腿,右腿向后延伸跪在垫子上,双手放在左脚的两侧,吸气弯曲右小腿,用左手抓住右脚,呼气右手臂向前方延伸,保持身体稳定自然呼吸6次。放松手臂,右小腿回落在垫子上,重心后移臀部后坐在右脚跟上,左腿向前伸直放松,呼气,用腹、胸、头依次向左腿靠拢,保持自然呼吸。反方向重复。  教练点拨:使腿部肌肉紧实、有力,腿型优美。


A beautiful man wants to marry an inflatable toy or is missing due to maternal love

A beautiful man wants to marry an inflatable toy or is missing due to maternal love

Many people have different hobbies because of their living environment and growth experience. According to foreign media reports, Mark, a 20-year-old man in California, has been fascinated with inflatable toys since the age of 14.The reason is that these toys are very soft and can give him the love that he has lacked since childhood.

It is understood that Mark has been living with 15 inflatable toys for 5 years, and said he would marry the most beloved dinosaur inflatable toy “Lila”.

The lack of maternal love and Mark loves inflatable toys, and almost changed his life, so for mothers who are not familiar with their children, what should be done to make children feel mother’s love?

Let’s take a look together today. How can a mother grow up and communicate with her child in order to grow up healthily: 1. When the child is in doubt, remind the child in a gentle language in a timely manner.

If a child asks me, some classmates did not finish their homework, and they wanted to borrow his homework to copy it. He felt very embarrassed. He did n’t borrow my classmates to say that I ‘m ruthless, bad relationship, and borrowed and hurt him, and asked me what to do.Tell him that you need to explain clearly to your classmates and take the time to discuss the learning problems with your classmates.

Doesn’t this make progress together?

  2. When the child is nervous, say a few words of enthusiasm to encourage him. For example, there is a monthly test on the second day of the second day, the first question of the math test on the first day is not completed, he is very sad, call me after class, IIt ‘s okay to tell him, and then there are still a few subjects that haven’t been tested. Just take them well and make up for them.

Afterwards, the child said to me that fortunately, you can adjust my mentality in time. The next few exams were smooth. I often said to him that the exam is just a way to test the quality of learning, mainly because you can experience the learning.Fun, there are countless exams in life, one exam is unsatisfactory, learning lessons and summing up experience is the so-called “on the heroic success or failure of life, but just start again.”

  3. When the child is aggrieved, he should say a few words of relief to relieve him. If the child goes to the gym to play basketball at the end of the class and is in high spirits, the senior student comes over to occupy the venue.In order to avoid conflict, they still gave up the venue to find another sport. When I knew that the child was okay, I started to explain. When the venue was insufficiently allocated, the first method was to find another sport. Remember that the purpose of physical training is to strengthen the body.Keep your brain healthy. If the conflicts are conflicting, you will put the cart before the horse, right? The second method suggests that schools use lots or wait for 15 minutes for each team to wait. At the same time, let the children do it right.

  4. When the child is inferior, don’t forget to use the child’s flash to ignite his self-confidence.

For example, when the sports attainment form for the middle school entrance examination fell, he said after reading that it was difficult for him to achieve excellence. I said that as long as you do your best, the deficiencies are covered by other subjects. The score is calculated based on the total score.I believe it will be okay. After hearing this, he was relieved and decided to strengthen the calcining body to be better.


Is there anything I can’t put in the refrigerator?

Is there anything I can’t put in the refrigerator?

In the freezer of a refrigerator, the temperature is generally about -18 ° C. At this temperature, bacteria are generally inhibited or killed, so placing food in it has a better preservation effect.

However, freezing does not mean complete sterilization, and some bacteria that have degraded antifreeze ability will survive.

Therefore, from another perspective, if the refrigerator is not disinfected often, it will become a “hotbed” for some bacteria.

In addition, do not store too much food in the refrigerator, as this will cause the external temperature of the food to be low and the internal temperature to be high to cause deterioration.

Some housewives use refrigerators as fresh-keeping bins to store food continuously.

How to use the refrigerator correctly is also an indispensable family knowledge for housewives. For the health of the family, you must know how long the food in the refrigerator can be kept.

  1. Milk must be hidden from light to completely sterilize, and it will also “kill” the nutrients in milk.

Studies have found that milk is acidified and spoiled when exposed to direct sunlight for 4 minutes.

Vitamin B2 in milk is very sensitive to light and will be rapidly lost under light.

Light does not cause oxidative oxidation in milk, causing vitamins A, D, B6, B12 and other nutrients to be gradually damaged.

Among them, milk in glass or plastic cans is most susceptible to interference.

Even under the light of a supermarket refrigerator, the “best freshness” of milk is only about 4 hours.

  2. Green tea should be stored in the refrigerator. Green tea has a lot of health benefits. It has been proven to help prevent heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc., mainly because it contains catechins.

However, a study published in the American Journal of Food Science pointed out that green tea has reduced its catechin content after 6 months at room temperature.

Therefore, green tea is best stored in the refrigerator.

Black tea can be stored at room temperature.

  3, Fruits and vegetables are easy to spoil if they are put together. Vegetables and fruits are put together, which are easy to spoil and “infect”.

The old Chinese medicine health net reminds that not only people will get infectious diseases, but also the deterioration between vegetables and fruits will be “contagious.”

A study from the Pennsylvania State University in the United States reminded that apples, almonds, red peppers, peaches, cantaloupe, tomatoes, etc., when released with other fruits and vegetables, will release ethylene gas, allowing them to ripen and deteriorate quickly.

In addition, the above fruits and vegetables together with cruciferous vegetables and green leafy vegetables will also make the top leaves quickly turn yellow and rot.

The “delicate” green leafy vegetables are best kept in the refrigerator and eaten as soon as possible.

Radishes, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, onions, apples, pears, etc. are all shelf-stable foods, suitable for balcony.

Potatoes and other root vegetables are smaller in size and have more vitamin C content. They can be stored in paper bags to prevent excessive light and oxygen from damaging vitamin C.

Many users want to find an effective way to get rid of the smell of the refrigerator.

In fact, good use of activated carbon can remove odor.

It is best to prepare two activated carbons for alternate use, change them every one to two weeks, and then expose them to a dry, well-lit place to ensure that it has the best adsorption effect.

It should be noted that things like activated carbon are like batteries, and each time they are “charged and discharged”, the capacity is slightly reduced, so remember to replace them in time.


Therapeutic formula to improve sperm quality and quantity


Therapeutic formula to improve sperm quality and quantity

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sperm sparseness is a waste of labor, mostly due to insufficient congenital endowment, or excessive damage to kidney essence by room labor, or chronic illness, both Qi and blood loss, wasted kidney energy sources, and fatigue, which ultimately results in kidney deficiency and cost symptoms.Therefore, the deficiency of the kidney is the direct cause of sperm scarcity.

  But kidney deficiency also includes kidney qi, kidney yang, kidney yin and other aspects. In the end, which deficiency will cause sperm scarcity?

The author has analyzed the semen of more than 80 patients with abnormal semen in the clinic, and concluded that: less semen volume is mainly related to kidney yin deficiency, while less sperm volume is related to kidney qi, kidney yang, and kidney yin deficiency.There is no significant difference between deficiency and sperm count.

Practice has also found that tonic drugs have the effect of enhancing sperm motility, while nourishing yin drugs can significantly increase sperm count.

As Zhang Jingyue said: “Those who are good at supplementing the yang must seek the yin in the yin, then the yang gets the help of yin and the endless biochemistry, and those who are good at the yin must seek the yin in the yang, then the yin gets the help of the yin and there is a constant flow.

“Absolutely, no matter what the number of sperm, as long as it is caused by kidney deficiency, it is through aphrodisiac food to help improve.

The diet side is introduced as follows: 1.

Leek, 150 grams of fresh shrimp, 1 kg of eggs, 50 ml of white wine (glutinous rice wine is better).

Leek stir-fried shrimp, eggs, accompany meals, drink liquor, once a day, 10 days as a course of treatment.

Suitable for those with kidney yang deficiency.


Moderate amount of sea cucumber, 100 grams of sticky rice.

Soak the sea cucumbers first, wash them clean, slice and cook them, then add glutinous rice, cook into thin porridge, season and serve.

Applicable to those with renal essence toxicity.

  In addition, eating fish and shellfish, such as eel, catfish, shrimp, pheasant, and plant seed kernels such as pine nuts, walnuts, sesame, and other isothermal foods can also help sperm production.

  For those who have oligospermia due to yang deficiency, they also eat animal testes, such as sheep testicles. Naturally, they can also take velvet antler or add edible ants to warm the kidney and increase the zinc content of semen to improve the quality and quantity of sperm.


Can personality influence your career?

Can personality influence your career?

Want to succeed in your career and become a leader?

A recent psychological study points out that the secret to success is “arrogance and arrogance” and “ignoring the feelings of colleagues”!

  Professor Rubenser, who was responsible for the investigation report published at the American Psychological Association in Washington, pointed out that of the 41 presidents in the United States, successful presidents are often unlovable and stubborn.

  Studies have found that successful presidents are confident, idealistic, and hardworking, but they are also very arrogant and have a “character of desperation for everything.”

“Professor Rubenser also pointed out that this indicator also applies to other industries.

  What do you think of this fact?

Do you think personality will affect your career?

  ■ As long as you are inferior and indecisive, you will have a chance of success. Wang Jiyuan is the chairman and president of Beijing Epoch Group. When he graduated from Renmin University in 1989, he was completely anonymous.With a monthly salary of 72 yuan, he resigned after one year of work. Starting from the wholesale of electronic parts, all industries involving computer accessories and radio accessories have more or less an epoch, and the assets are said to have reached hundreds of millions.

Wang Jiyuan has a good evaluation of success and character: as long as you are not indecisive, you always have a chance to succeed.

Wang Jiyuan is lively and has never seen his arrogance, so friends and friends are all around the world, and they are the central figures everywhere.

If success must be related to character, it can only be said that the era’s cheerfulness and atmosphere promoted his success.

  The other person is just the opposite. Deputy Director Zhang of a certain bureau, 34 years old, doctor, young and promising, everyone admired, but never loved to talk, heard his wife’s words, and the conversation between the couple did not exceed ten sentences per day!!

Zhang Jun is very stable, meticulous in doing things, rare smiles and rare friends, but in terms of his current age, who can say that he is not a successful man?

After listening to the reporter’s phone call, Zhang Jun was silent for nearly two minutes, and slowly asked back: What do you think is the criterion for success?

Become an official and be a national leader?

Make money and become the richest man in the world?

That idea is crazy!

To say that I succeeded, I felt that I had come step by step, and my personality was introverted!

  Xiao Ye is not introverted at all. What a high-level student at a prestigious university needs is the stance of pointing the country. He is confident that he can break the world, but Xiao Ye sighs that he is unlucky. From 1991 to the present, he has no money for money and no project.Project, empty minded.

Xiao Ye said: “Success requires skills and opportunities, and it is indispensable. If you put your character in, the difference in personality is only whether you can seize the opportunity and clever.

I don’t lack character or ability, but I don’t have the chance. As for whether it is successful in the end, it is vain. Now I haven’t succeeded, and I don’t believe that character has a direct impact on success.

Serena was skeptical of the findings, and she said, “Isn’t it a bit of a ‘joke’ here?”

It sounds unscientific.

In fact, there is no strict standard on how to succeed accurately. I don’t think there is an inevitable factor in personality and success. Both introverted and extroverted have advantages and disadvantages, and there are factors that are conducive to success and hinder success.

“ There is no shortage of gold and no one is perfect, ” and even successful people have weaknesses in character.

“Xiao Chen believes that the survey results are reasonable,” he said, “I think personality is a major factor affecting success. Some people’s weaknesses in character are destined to be a helpless Liu Adou, but I think it should be based on my own.Personality traits to seek employment in order to seek personal development.

For example, if Roosevelt succeeded as president, he might not succeed on other things.

Psychology Personality can influence people’s decision-making ability. Professor Li Su of the Beijing Institute of Psychological Medicine definitely believes that personality has an impact on success, and the sign of success is that your behavior has reached your expected goal.

In order to achieve your desired goal, in the process before reaching the goal, personality can influence people’s ability to determine objects.

Tyrants and ambitious political leaders in history, as far as Qin Shihuang, and as close as Hitler, are violent rape, deceitful, and gloomy generations; Wen Tao’s tactical politicians are also good people who are well-loved, like the AmericanOne president, Washington and Premier Zhou; and weak, indecisive people are usually those who have lost their country, similar to Song Zhengzong and Zhao Qinzong.

  ”But success and ambition are two concepts,” Professor Li continued. “The ambition of the ambitionist has a prominent aspect in common, and is sometimes pathological, like Hitler. Historical studies have proven that he has schizophrenia.And many other diseases, these morbid physiology causes morbid personality deformity, and personality is part of personality. How can his behavior not be affected?

In order to be able to change the personality in order to succeed, Professor Li believes that in real life, no one can have all the characteristics of a typical extroverted or introverted personality. Most people have both characteristics.It’s just the main one.

Personality is a personality orientation formed in the early stages of human growth and development. It will be uniformed and shaped by the influence of acquired education. If there are no particularly significant changes, the personality can hardly be changed, and it is not effective now.The drugs and methods can change a person’s character.

The so-called personality defect actually refers to the personality defect. If you are in a distance psychology or psychiatric hospital for a long time under the guidance of a distance expert, you may learn to avoid some defective behavior.You may learn to suppress the occurrence of a certain personality defect, but want to change your personality, but it is impossible for modern science.

“It is precisely the old saying:” It is easy to change the country, and it is difficult to change the nature.

Professor Li’s last candidate: The key to success is personal intelligence and hard work results. Personality at best contributes to the flames, so don’t be misled by false reports. Use your own personality to determine your own success. MaybeIt has a certain stimulating effect, but it is more of a delay!


Long stains are too serious to eat what food can effectively stain spots

Long stains are too serious to eat what food can effectively stain spots

Tomato is known as the “vitamin C warehouse” because it is rich in vitamin C.

It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, effectively reduce the formation of melanin, so that the skin is white and the black spots disappear.

Ketchup can also be used directly as a vitamin, both as a paper mask or as a pat massage, all with whitening effect.

Potatoes and potatoes are rich in B vitamins and a large amount of high-quality cellulose, and also contain trace elements, protein, traces and high-quality starch and other nutrients.

These ingredients play an important role in the anti-aging and anti-disease process and can effectively help women detoxify their bodies.

It is rich in vitamin C to restore whitening skin to women.

In addition to direct consumption, the potato can also be sliced and applied to the stain, which also has the effect of diminishing the stain.

Carrots Because carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin A can be converted into vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin A has a smooth, strong skin effect and causes rough skin and freckles.

The carrots are chopped and smashed, added with honey and evenly applied to the face. It is a healthy homemade skin mask.

Lemon and lemon are rich in vitamin C, often drink lemon juice, and even white skin, prevent skin vascular aging, eliminate skin pigmentation spots, and also have anti-atherosclerosis effect.

Add rock sugar or honey to the lemon juice to taste, drink and nourish.

The pea “Compendium of Materia Medica” claims that peas have the effect of “eliminating dark spots and making the face shiny”.

Modern research has found that pea beans are rich in vitamin A, which can be converted into vitamin A in the body, and vitamin A has the effect of moisturizing the skin.

Eating peas also has the function of swelling and stretching the skin, which can tighten the wrinkles around the eyes.


What is the misunderstanding of professional women’s weight loss?

What is the misunderstanding of professional women’s weight loss?

Too many fat white-collar beauties, unless they have taken a variety of weight-loss methods, find themselves losing weight as they lose weight.

If you study the weight loss methods of typical fertilizer people, you will find that they are often dragged by this viewpoint in the process of weight loss, and they have entered the misunderstanding of weight loss.

  (1) Adults are obese rehabilitation brothers. Only when they are “insulated” from adults can they get a slim figure.

  In fact, in the process of losing weight, aunts don’t always add negative roles.

Adults who eat it will not even be quickly converted into feces in the body and stored, and accidental decomposition can also inhibit adults’ synthesis in the body to a certain extent.

  Contains a single non-binding rare corn oil and supplementary oil, which has the effect of reducing low-density lipoprotein, and is an ideal edible oil for weight loss and bodybuilding. In addition, a small amount of food is resistant to digestion and anti-hunger. It can reduce the amount of starch after eating.The intake of food and snacks has a positive effect on weight loss.

Some weight-loss people gain weight without losing weight in order to control food or snacks.

Therefore, absorbing the right amount of adults does not affect the body shape, but also has weight to bodybuilding.

  (2) Obesity is the accumulation of nutrients, so you cannot eat nutritious foods. In fact, the reason why some people are obese is not a single nutrient accumulation. It is largely due to the lack of diet that can turn adults into energy.Nutrients.
Excellence can only diminish when energy is released from the body.

In the process of transforming adults into various kinds of energy, many kinds of nutrition are involved.

These nutrients include Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Niacin.

These nutrient-rich foods are often unwilling to lose weight with milk, soy products, peanuts, eggs, and animal liver and meat.

If there is no typical nutritious food, the aunt in the body will not be easily converted into energy, which will cause the accumulation of feces in the body and cause obesity.

  (3) Drinking water causes the body to become fat, and you cannot drink water to lose weight. In fact, only insufficient water will cause the body to continuously accumulate water as compensation, and cause the body to accumulate aunt more easily, leading to obesity.

Insufficient drinking water may also cause disorders of the body’s metabolism, resulting in more energy absorption and less release.

So for people who lose weight, drinking water is insufficient or even unable to lose weight, and it will cause more serious damage to health.

  (4) Eating spicy foods can reduce weight. Statistics show that people in Thailand and India rarely produce fat people, so it is meaningful that they are related to their spicy addiction.

Because spicy food is easy to sweat, and eating a little bit has a surprising feeling of fullness, so it has a weight loss effect.

  However, if you eat spicy food to lose weight for a long time, it will affect the function of the stomach, and there is a danger of stomach pain and even bleeding.

And eating too much irritating food will also make the skin rough, and can’t stand the acne, which is definitely worth the loss!

  (5) Lose weight every 30 minutes of jogging to lose weight.

Although jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, weight loss has little effect.

Practice has proven that only when the duration of exercise exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightest in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy with glycogen.

With the extension of exercise time, the amount of amateur energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that the exercise less than about 40 minutes is not obvious regardless of the intensity.

  (6) Is there a comprehensive or partial difference in exercise weight loss?

  There are comprehensive or local options for exercise weight loss.

People often hear or see words such as “reducing waist”, “reducing hips”, “reducing abdomen” in some advertisements.

So, can local exercise reduce local juveniles?

First, local exercise consumes less energy, is prone to fatigue, and cannot last. Second, a small amount of energy is controlled by neurological and endocrine regulation.

But this kind of adjustment is systemic, and it is not necessary to practice this part to subtract the excess aunt in some parts.

It is where the blood supply conditions are good, which is good for small consumption, and you can lose weight.

For example, after the exercise is stopped, the waistline does not look much smaller, but the cheeks are thin. The reason is that the exercise consumption is greater than the replacement displacement, which will lead to a slight reduction in the whole body, and there will not be only a little left.change.

  (7) Fasting exercise is detrimental to health. People always worry that fasting exercise will cause hypoglycemia due to the large consumption of glycogen stored in the body, such as dizziness, fatigue, and palpitation, which are not good for health.

However, Dr. Dappa of the Dallas Bodybuilding Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise, such as walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., to lose weight 1-2 hours (ie, fasting) before meals.

This was because there were no new fatty acids in the body entering the fecal cells at that time, it was easier to consume excess aunts (especially postpartum aunts), lose weight and exercise after meals.

In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise, excessive heat energy is consumed, and the energy stored in the body is sufficient to use without affecting health.  (8) Absence of breakfast Some people mistakenly think that how much intake can be reduced by not eating breakfast, so as to achieve weight loss. They do not know that not eating breakfast will cause great harm to the human body, and will not be beneficial to health, which will affect the work of the day.

  (9) Of course, the fixed recipe reduces the incorporation of many things, but over time, it leads to a large number of comprehensive nutrients in the body, which is harmful and useless.

  (10) Do more exercise for 20 minutes and consume more sweets or other delicious food. If you want to consume more sweets, occasionally extending the aerobic exercise time is not bad, but if it becomes a habit; resultIt can only be harmful.

If you often use extended exercise as an excuse for over-eating, and you have actually turned yourself into an over-training situation, then your body simply has no time to recover from the fatigue of over-training.


4 keywords for summer skin sun protection


4 keywords for summer skin sun protection

With ultraviolet rays, the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on human skin health have been further confirmed by scientific research. Dermatologists from various countries have begun to advocate: human sun protection, body sun protection, daily sun protection, sun protection everywhere.


Everyone thinks sunscreen. Generally, people think that women love to be beautiful, that’s why they are sunscreen. Men are in good health, and it doesn’t matter if they’re in the sun.

Elderly people and children need calcium supplements.

In fact, regardless of gender, there is no gender, age discrimination, ultraviolet rays do harm to the human body equally.

Especially UVA, it is the number one killer of skin aging and everyone should be alert.

  For Asians, skin cancer is highly likely after being exposed to the sun for more than 10,000 hours.

This time not only refers to the time when people go out to play, but also includes the time when they usually go to work and are irradiated while studying.

Therefore, if you are not careful about sun protection, you are likely to develop skin cancer.

  For women, after 25 years of age, the skin’s metabolism gradually slows down, and its own recovery power also weakens. It is extremely prone to brown spots, freckles, and fine wrinkles, so it is more important to pay attention to sun protection.

  For the elderly, it seems that they are faced with more difficult choices. Should they choose to increase calcium or hurt their skin?

On the surface, they can only choose one way or the other, but in fact, sunscreen can provide them with a compromise.

According to foreign studies, sunscreens with a change in SPF of 15 can provide moderate protection for the elderly, and sunlight with synthetic vitamin D is sufficient.

  For children, excessive sun exposure of the skin during childhood causes irreparable damage that has a lasting effect and will play a decisive role in future adult skin.

According to the survey, almost half of the cumulative sunlight exposure is completed before the age of 20, and 30% of people have lost their natural sun protection system in their skin during childhood.

Children’s delicate skin is particularly vulnerable to sunlight. At 8?
Before the age of 9, children’s skin was not mature.

Children have more outdoor activities than adults, and like to be close to the sun. Proper sunlight also helps the body to grow. However, ultraviolet rays can cause three times the damage to children’s skin than adults.

  At the same time, because children’s skin is in the growth phase, in the early teens, the skin grows very fast, and the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin often does not exceed the generation and division of new cells. Therefore, the damage is hidden and not easy to show., Can be fully reflected after growing up.

It is said that the skin cancer foundation of the United States suffered a UV damage of 80% of a person’s life before the age of 18, and only one blistering sunburn in childhood can double the risk of skin cancer in the future.Persistent use of sunscreen products before the age of age will reduce the risk of skin cancer by 78%.

From this, we can see the nature of sun protection for children.

Therefore, experts advocate that sunscreen skin care should start with the baby.


Every day, 5% of the ultraviolet rays in the sun are UVB and 95% are UVA.

UVB experiences four seasons, but UVA is strong all year round.

UVB may be blocked by clouds and its penetrating power is weakened; but UVA penetrating power is very strong, and the thick clouds cannot be blocked by glass, becoming a sunny and sunny killer.

  At the same time, UVA exposure is stronger in Asia than in Europe.

In winter, compared with the UVA exposure in France, China is 2 of Paris.

6 times . even worse in summer.

  Therefore, Asians need to strengthen their awareness of sun protection. No matter whether it is overcast or not, they should not be exposed to sunscreen every day.


Sun protection anytime, anywhere in the sun and the sun, the core of skin care is of course sun protection.

With the advent of the hot summer, women who love beauty have used various tricks to sunscreen, but many women have a vague idea about sunscreen, and some people think that sunscreen is a matter of the sun. In fact, this idea is incorrect.

  Ultraviolet rays are pervasive in life, starting from 6 o’clock in the morning to 6 o’clock in the evening in the sunset. No matter what season or any environment you are in, as long as the ultraviolet rays can patronize your skin, you must use sunscreen to isolate the ultraviolet rays.Skin damage.

In order to effectively isolate ultraviolet rays, not only do good sun protection during the day, but also go for a walk at night, and pay special attention when participating in activities, because the ultraviolet rays contained in various light lamps are very strong, it is also easy to “tan”.

Therefore, in addition to using sunscreen when going to bed at night during the day, other times should be used as the best time for sunscreen.

  In summer, ultraviolet rays enter a period of intensive irradiation. For office workers, in addition to sun protection during commute, sun protection cannot be ignored indoors.

Because ultraviolet rays are present anytime and anywhere, especially UVA, whether they are sunny or cloudy, they are present anytime and anywhere, and can penetrate the window glass into the room and hurt the skin.
  In addition, for office workers, if you choose to do outdoor activities on weekends or other holidays, it is recommended to use around SPF20, PA + + sunscreen; activities under the high altitude sun or swimming on the beach, most of the skin is exposed to the sun,Should choose SPF 30, PA + + + + sunscreen, and preferably with waterproof function.
Fair 4.
(General sun protection should only be supplemented with SPF10 or so and PA + sunscreen).

With the strong promotion of the media, the concept of “sun protection” has been deeply rooted in the media. From sun protection and aging to the prevention of skin cancer, everyone knows the benefits of sun protection, and knows that sun protection should be done every day., Sun protection and body protection anytime, anywhere.

So, what kind of partial sun protection does the whole body sun protection include?

  Since it is full body sun protection, it should refer to various parts of the body.

But in daily life, people are easily aware of the sun on the skin; if you travel, you may compare certain body parts that need to be exposed to the sun, such as height and feet; if you are swimming at the beach or sunbathing,Maybe sunscreen is applied to the entire body.

  However, even today, with increasing awareness of sun protection, people often ignore some body parts, such as the eyes, lips, hindbrain, and being replaced.

  Eyes can be said to be the most prone to aging. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most vulnerable part of the whole body. It is only about half the thickness of the skin on the face, and it lacks the secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands.Loss of moisture, moisturization and protection are superfluous.

Coupled with the high frequency of eye movements (about 10,000 blinks per day), it is more likely to cause the loss of elastic fibers and collagen in the skin and cause the formation of fine lines. Therefore, the eye skin needs more careful care than the face skin.

In the general concept of maintenance, eye care is nothing more than the prevention and repair of dark circles, bags under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

However, if you ignore the ultraviolet rays that are the real culprit of aging, you can only apply ordinary eye cream and not protect the skin on the eyes, so sun protection and maintenance can only be considered half.

  In summer, everyone knows that it is worth sun protection to avoid UV rays.

In addition to sun protection for the skin and eyes, there is another area where sun protection is important, which is the back of the head and neck (neck).

This position is the place where the yang is the most abundant in the whole body. Being exposed to the sun is equivalent to increasing yang.

When a person can’t stand such a big Fukuzawa, he has to choose to avoid-syncope. In this case, there is a more popular name called “heat stroke”, so when someone is out, it is best to wear a sun hat or hitA sun umbrella.

  In addition, don’t think that protecting your face and body is all right, delicate lips also need to be carefully protected.

If the lips are moulting and swollen, it will definitely make people feel good.


Successful interview-make the best impression

Successful interview-make the best impression

Interview attention to words and deeds During the interview, you should pay attention to sitting posture, improper sitting posture, or you may lose your chances.

A reporter interviewed at a job fair recently learned that some job seekers did not pay attention to this behavior, which turned out to be very offensive to interviewers.

  Manager Shen of a company’s personnel department told reporters that he had interviewed a job candidate. From a technical point of view, the job applicant was very good, but his attitude towards the job made him very angry.

I was sitting upright at the time, but he tilted the chair half-lying, with his feet on a stilt, and dangling, which made him absent from the interview.

Think about such a person. In the future, he will not be in my team (team) to manage him, but I will wait for him (laughs), so I finally eliminated him, even if he was a graduate of a prestigious school or a graduate student.Useless.

Interviewing with a company is an important step in a person’s career. You are only interested in this company and related positions before you come to the interview.

But such carelessness and impropriety, this attitude of employing units is absolutely unacceptable.

  Therefore, career advisers remind job seekers to pay attention to their image during the interview process, especially the gesture, which may be an inadvertent action, which will cause them to lose an excellent employment opportunity. May wish to make themselves more serious, attitudeBe right, be gentle, be generous, and respect the interviewer.

  Successful job search rejects selfishness At the crux of the interview, sometimes selfishness can also cause job seekers to lose opportunities.

The reporter interviewed at the job fair and found that some employers use a unique interview method to examine whether the job applicants are selfish, and those who are selfish and not caring are first rejected.

  After repeated rounds of screening, five candidates from different places finally stood out from multiple places and became the best in the final round of interviews.

These five people each have their own strengths and are evenly matched. Anyone may be hired and at the same time everyone may be eliminated.

  At this moment, a young man hurriedly arrived.

He said that he also came to the interview because he was too careless and forgot to bring a pen. He asked if anyone had a pen and wanted to borrow to fill out a resume.

  Five people looked at each other, and no one took out a pen.

Without a competitor, you increase your chances of success.

  But at this moment, the candidate Xiao Huang stood up and politely seemed to the strange man: “Sorry, my pen is out of ink just now.

I subdivided some tap water and barely could write, but the handwriting might be lighter.

“The stranger’s man then held Xiaohuang’s hand tightly, indicating that he was hired. It turned out that he was the company’s personnel manager.

  The personnel manager, surnamed Yang, said in an interview with reporters that originally, they would be here after passing five levels.

As a progressive company, they are unwilling to lose any talent.

But unfortunately, it is their 4 selfishness that has lost their chance.

  CEO assistants are good at finding mistakes. They are also good at finding mistakes. In a recent interview, reporters found that some companies accidentally made mistakes during interviews in order to find suitable talents. Those candidates who could pick out the fault were favored.

  A company has to recruit an assistant to the general manager, and more than 30 candidates have come to the company. During the interview, the company’s boss came to perform it in person.

  The leader gathered all the candidates together, and then started speaking for them, asking each candidate to express their feelings after listening.

As a result, 29 of the job seekers were affirmed by the boss’s words and gradually expressed their worship.

One of them said to the CEO: “General manager, I want to point out your mistake, can you?

“The boss nodded.

Xiaoqiu said seriously: “In the story you just told, at least two mistakes were made. First, the general was not Zhang Fei, but Cao Cao.

Second, the era of the story is not the Tang Dynasty, but the Three Kingdoms.

Although I don’t understand how your story is related to today’s interview, I still want to point out, I hope you don’t mind.

“The CEO smiled patiently after listening.

Immediately indicated that Xiaoqiu was hired.

  The boss told everyone that he actually made two mistakes on purpose. He believed that most people could hear it, because it was a household story, but only Xiaoqiu pointed out his mistake.

What he needs is just such a deputy, who is good at discovering errors and dare to point out the errors boldly.

In order to become a qualified assistant to the general manager.