To help you get rid of the wrinkle of age magic

To help you get rid of the “wrinkle” of age magic

With the passing of time, wrinkle problems come on time. No matter how you cover up with makeup, age is still written on the face plainly, as the saying goes: “Women hide their age, men hide their marriage.
“So, how do you slow down the aging process and make your age a secret forever?
Xiaobian consulted the experts of the Laser Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center of the Air Force General Hospital with questions.
Looking at the many evergreen stars who are currently active in front of the screen, it seems that they will never grow old. Do they also understand that the “easy technique” in the costume novels is not successful?
According to experts from the Laser Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center of the General Hospital of the Air Force, people who have a certain age will experience problems such as sagging skin, sagging skin, and wrinkles to varying degrees. With the current facial rejuvenation and wrinkle removal, they can all be significantly improved.
For women over 40 years of age, who also have relatively large areas of wrinkles and deep wrinkles, facial youthful wrinkle removal is the best choice to get rid of the “wrinkles” of time and magic once and for all.
In fact, facial wrinkles are subdivided into frontal, temporal, cheek, neck, full-face wrinkles, upper eyelid removal, and lower eyelid bags.
Which method should be adopted depends on the aging of the face of the beauty person, and the psychological and physical conditions must also be considered.
Facial wrinkle removal is performed at the hairline or other concealed areas. The effect is reliable for those with obvious forehead lines, crow’s feet lines, anterior tragus lines, and sagging cheeks and submandibular jaws.


Children’s summer diet tips

Children’s summer diet tips


Reasonably add water.

The heat of sweating in summer and the loss of water in the body should be paid in time. It can give young children retinal mung bean soup and clear the heat.


Properly add salt.

When sweating, the body loses more water, and the salt is lost faster.

Therefore, when replenishing water, salt should be added appropriately.


Eat healthily.

Food should be fresh, clean, and do not eat spoiled food. The diet should be regularly quantified to reduce the burden of diet, avoid cold, greasy and indigestible things, and should not be forced to eat when the appetite is not good.


Reasonable protein supplement.

Protein is the most important nutrient to ensure the growth and development of young children. Therefore, in the summer when children lose their appetite, pay attention to ensure protein intake, such as eggs, milk, etc.5.

Reasonable expectations.

In the case of breastfeeding with conditions, breastmilk replacement should be promoted, and weaning should not be performed in summer and when infants are sick.

Because the digestive ability of children is reduced in the summer, if weaning at this time, the children’s food types are suddenly changed, it is difficult for the children to adapt, and diarrhea and other diseases occur.

In addition, the supplementary food should be added gradually, the variety should not be too much, and the conversion should not be too frequent.


Sweat from different parts of the body prevents you

Sweat from different parts of the body prevents you


Sweating on the forehead = hyperactivity of the liver yang If the forehead often sweats a lot, Chinese medicine believes that it may be caused by hyperactivity of the liver yang.

It is recommended that you go to the hospital to check whether the thyroid hormone secretion is normal, because this is most likely caused by excessive thyroid hormone secretion.

  Physician’s advice: Try to keep your peace of mind as much as possible and be less angry. Women especially need to sleep every day, otherwise they will easily become yin deficiency and hyperactivity of liver yang.

Brewing wolfberry tea every day has the effect of calming the liver.


Nose sweating = lack of lungs. If your nose usually sweats, it means that you have insufficient lungs and need conditioning.

From the perspective of Western medicine theory, your immunity is also very low and you need to improve your immunity.

  Physician’s advice: It is recommended that you beat your legs with your hands or tools every day.

Among them, the main point is to knock repeatedly and block the left and right sides of the legs, because this is the part of the lung meridian on your body. Through such appropriate stimulation, the purpose of conditioning the lung meridian is achieved.


Alias sweating = endocrine disorders complement the scarce distribution of sweat glands, so few people interfere with sweating.

If your neck often sweats, it may be related to internal secretion disorders throughout your body.

  Physician’s advice: It is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive hormone test.


Sweating chest = loss of spleen and stomach.
If your chest sweats a lot, Chinese medicine says it’s a spleen and stomach loss in your body.

Western medicine feels that in this case, the blood circulation in your body is mostly slow and the oxygen transportation is not smooth.

  Physician’s suggestion: Don’t worry too much or watch horror movies in order to avoid over-scare and more spleen.

Eat less greasy, cold food, usually drink astragalus, jujube soaked in water, can relieve symptoms.


Sweating under the arm = Excessive sweat glands or heavy diet There are many sweat glands distributed under the arm, so the sweat concentration.

But if sweat secretion is too vigorous, most of your sweat glands are too large.

If the sweat smells great, it is because your diet is too heavy and you eat too many onions, garlic, onions and other foods.

  Physician’s advice: When the sweat glands are too large, you can go to the hospital to replace the effective laser treatment.

Diet should be light, less salt and less spices, eat more fruits and vegetables.


Sweating palms and feet = spleen asthenia, dampness and heat in the spleen and stomach, and blood deficiency. If you are nervous, excited or scared, your palms or feet will sweat easily. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that you are most likely to lose your spleen, have spleen and stomach, and have blood deficiency.

  Physician’s suggestion: Massage the abdomen after meal every day, first massage 30 times clockwise, then 30 times counterclockwise.

And to eat less, it is best not to eat cold foods, some ice cream, cold drinks, etc.


Sweating in front = weak yin and yang, extreme fatigue, sweat glands are rarely distributed in the back, so love sweating at the back indicates that your body is weak in yin and yang, and is already extremely tired.

  Physician’s suggestion: ensure adequate sleep, eat a rich diet, be nutritious, and nourish yin and tonify, women should eat more seafood, and do 15-minute yoga meditation sooner or later.


Sweating in the private area = betting hot and humid, and the kidney yang is weak. If your private part loves sweating, Chinese medicine believes that your body is betting hot and humid, and the kidney yang is weak.

Western medicine feels that in this case, the possibility of bacterial vaginitis will increase, and even the private odor will become heavy.

  Physician’s advice: Eat a light diet and avoid cold foods.

Usually you can drink with astragalus soaked in water.

If the private part smells heavy, go to the hospital for a special laboratory test as soon as possible.  When summer is approaching, pay more attention to the sweaty parts of your body. According to your actual situation, protect your body health while enjoying the happy summer!


Feast of the elderly

Feast of the elderly

The key to the longevity of the elderly is diet. They often give the elderly a nutritious and delicious food that will allow the elderly to continue their lives!

  Babao gluten main ingredient: 16 oil gluten.

  Ingredients: 150 grams of pork, 15 grams of cooked ham.

25 grams of shiitake mushrooms, 5 grams of small shrimps, 10 grams of cooked chicken, 10 grams of tofu, 25 grams of dried scallops, 25 grams of bamboo shoots.

  Seasoning: small scallion, ginger, salt, sugar, wet starch, chicken soup 200 grams, cooked lard 10 grams.

  Production method: 1.

Pork is chopped and placed in a bowl.

Add salt, diced green onion, ginger, add 50 grams of chicken soup and mix well.

Ham diced, mushroom diced, bamboo shoots, chicken diced, tofu, scallops and shrimps are placed in a bowl, mixed with salt, placed in the meat, and the starch is moistened.

Sizing into eight treasure filling.


The oil gluten is cut into a small mouth, filled with eight treasures and placed in a dish, sprinkled with 50 grams of chicken soup, and steamed for 10 minutes.


Put the wok in the middle of the fire, add 100 grams of chicken soup, add 1 gram of salt, use the wet starch to thin the sputum, drench the cooked lard, and pour it on the gluten.

Features: The savory taste of each material penetrates into the gluten, the savory taste is strong, the chew is soft, flexible, and the taste is excellent. It is the flavor of Anhui.

  Shoutao Tofu Ingredients: 400 grams of tofu.

  Ingredients: 50 grams of shrimp, 25 grams of cooked ham, 25 grams of cabbage leaves.

150 grams of bread.

One egg is clear.

  Seasoning: pepper, dry starch, salt, monosodium glutamate, onion ginger juice, Shao wine, sesame oil, cooked lard 500 grams (about 100 grams).

  Production method: 1.

Tofu is peeled off the side skin, mashed into a mud, the shrimp is mashed into a mud, placed in a bowl, add egg white, onion ginger juice, MSG, salt, pepper, stir on the strain, add dry starch and evenly.


The salted bread is cut into 0.

3 cm thick piece, made into a peach shape, a total of 10 pieces.

Spread the paper on the board, sprinkle with a layer of dry starch, smear each piece with 1 cm thick bean curd, apply a layer of egg white, sprinkle the ham on the tip of the peach, sprinkle with the leaves at the bottom, and finish the peachTofu billet.


Put the wok on the fire, put the cooked lard, burn to 40% heat, and the next tofu peach tofu is fried until the bread is hard, showing a slight yellow fishing.

After the oil temperature rises to 70% heat, it is re-fried once, and the dish is picked up. The sesame oil itself is ready.

  Features: “Shou Tao” is an irresistible variety of snacks in Anhui Shouyi.

When I think of perfection, I cut into a peach-shaped piece with bread and put it on the mud of the main material of tofu to shape the body-shaped peach.

This dish is crispy, with fresh tofu, a fragrant and fresh, with pepper and salt, scallion and sweet noodles. It is the famous dish in Huainan’s “tofu banquet”.

  Fragrant fried prawn main ingredient: 200 grams of prawn.

  Ingredients: 175 grams of shrimp.

75 grams of chicken breast, 35 grams of pork fat, 50 grams of cooked bamboo shoots, 5 grams of mushroom silk, 3 egg whites, 20 grams of sesame seeds.

  Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 10 grams of Shao wine, 10 grams of flour, 1 gram of MSG.

30 grams of wet starch, 15 grams of sesame oil, 500 grams of cooked lard (about 50 grams), pepper 1.

5 grams.  Production method: 1.

Shrimp, pork fat, chicken and chicken meat into velvet, add 1 egg white, wet starch 20 grams, salt, pepper, Shaoji stir-fry, bamboo shoots, mushroom silk poured into the stir to make shrimp filling.

Take 20 spoons, smear the cooked lard, put a phoenix shrimp into the spoon, put the spoon on the tail of the shrimp, put the shrimp stuffing on the squid, steam it for 5 minutes, take it out and let it cool, take out the spoon., put in the plate.


Egg white, flour, wet starch, sesame oil are prepared into a paste.

Paste the steamed prawn and sesame seeds.

Add the cooked lard to the wok, and when the heat is 70% hot, put the prawn into the fry and fry until the skin is crispy and picked up.

  Features: Sautéed prawn is a traditional dish. It is steamed and set with shrimp paste. It is fried with sesame seeds. The dish is shaped like a scorpion. The tail of the shrimp is curved like a shaft. The outer layer is crisp and the shrimp is fresh and salty.
With pepper and salt, sweet noodles, the taste is more beautiful.

  Paper bag chicken main ingredient: 250 grams of chicken breast.

  Ingredients: 50 grams of cooked ham.

  Seasoning: salt, monosodium glutamate, diced green onion, ginger, sesame oil, Shao wine, glutinous rice cellophane 15 sheets, cooked lard 750 grams (about 50 grams).


The chicken is removed from the fascia.

Slice into thin slices, put in the big bowl with green onion and ginger, add salt, Shao wine, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and mix well.

Cut the ham into 15 pieces.


Take a piece of cellophane, spread it on the chopping board, put a piece of chicken, stack a piece of ham, then cover a piece of chicken, then fold into a rectangular bag of 8 cm long and 5 cm wide and wrap them one by one.


Put the wok in the middle of the fire, heat the cooked lard to 50% heat, put the paper-packed chicken into the fry, and remove the serving.

  Features: “Paper Pack Chicken” is a famous dish of Quxi Hui.

The method of frying the method of frying with cellophane has a unique flavor.

Cellophane is oily and has poor water permeability.

Thereby maintaining the original color, fragrance, taste and tenderness of the cooking ingredients.

Eat this Lai, peel off the paper and eat chicken, and have fun.


Seven recipes for fresh and steamed fish

Seven recipes for fresh and steamed fish

Of all the methods of cooking fish, steamed fish can be said to be true.

The steamed fish is fresh and delicious, mainly because it preserves the nutritional content of the fish.

Don’t look at steamed fish as a simple dish, there are many tips for sitting up.

  Let ‘s take a look at the details of the steamed fish production process.

  Of all the cooking methods for fish, steaming is the best way to preserve the nutrients in the fish. It is recommended!

  Tip 1: Control the weight of the fish at about 600 grams. This size of volume is placed in the fish dish, looks beautiful, and it is easy to hold the fire. Tip 2: When you clean up the fish, you can cut the spine from the abdomen.(Saw it with a knife tail) to prevent the fish from being deformed as a whole due to the shrinkage of the fish bones after steaming, but if your craft is relatively sparse, you do n’t need to chop, lest you start to steam and deform the fish.

  After the fish is cleaned up, spread lard on both sides of the fish body (clear oil is also okay), and then dip it in white wine (you can also try dipping some wine, and maybe create a new flavor); Trick # 3: about 50 gramsStir in the meat with a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger, and shiitake mushrooms at the end, which can not only taste fresher but also support the belly, so that the steamed fish is full. Tip # 4: Take a large piece of gingerTake the extended section and cut it into even and beautiful alternative silk. Cut the green onion into the middle section (unclear and white, as long as ginger) and shred it. (For the sake of beauty and appetite), spread it on the fish plate.Sprinkle some onion and ginger on the fish; Tip 5: Be sure to put the fish in the pot after the water in the steamer is boiling (Do not steam the fish in the cold water and then smash the pot.

The secret of many steamed dishes is that the food is steamed after the water is boiled); Tip 6: Steam off for 6-7 minutes (the top secret is the heat); Tip 7: Do not open the lid after turning off the heat., Use the remaining temperature in the pot to “virtual steam” 5-8 minutes immediately out of the pot, and then prepare the seasonings (soy sauce, vinegar, clear oil, little or no salt) over the fish (do not put MSG, For lightness and tenderness), and then put a few loose coriander on the table and eat.

  Features: This fish is as tender as tofu, fragrant as crab meat, light and refreshing.

If someone is present while you are eating, you need to re-position the chopsticks on the belly of the fish (the most tender and fragrant essence) as soon as possible.

  Points to add: 1.

For steamed lotus fish or grass carp, which is slightly larger (weight should be controlled at about 1000 grams), the steaming time can be extended for another 2-3 minutes, but not too long.

Don’t forget the “steaming” tricks.


You can also prepare the prepared (soy sauce, vinegar, oil) juice that is finally poured on the fish in a small bowl and steam it with the fish. After the fish is out of the pan, add the seasoning and remove it from the pan, It is poured on the fish. The ratio of this sauce to the raw juice in the front is less jerky, and the fish taste is more gentle and soft, which is suitable for the elderly and those who like light.


When steaming a slightly larger fish, you can put two chopsticks under the fish to make the fish leave the chassis overhead. The fish is fully cooked when it is hot. After the pan is out, in the kitchen, quietly withdraw the chopsticks.Your trick.


When steaming larger fish, you can also stand the fish up (like the fish swimming in the water).

At this time, a 5 cm long green onion can be used to spread the belly of the fish so that the fish can stand upright, and two small ceramic bowls are fixed on both sides of the fish body to fix the fish body (no meat filling is placed in the fish belly).

  At this time, you can also plan three knives on each side of the fish body, and sandwich a slice of ginger in each slit.

After the fish is steamed, remove the small bowl and serve.


Wife found a prostitute on the wedding day

Wife found a prostitute on the wedding day

It ‘s been a long time, and I found a woman who is willing to marry me. She is my current girlfriend. She is very beautiful and has a good figure, especially her temperament. It is always so gentle and euphemistic., I am deeply fascinated by her. I love her more than I love myself. I promise that I will not marry her in this life. I will use all my love to protect her and protect her.A new world, a new life taste.

  The whole three months after the acquaintance and acquaintance, that is today, is a great day for me and her. It is also a good day for marriage. It is conducive to marriage. She and I will marry the sacred temple, which will gradually marry.I am very excited and happy. I can see that she is also very happy. She has been laughing, her mouth is smiling, and her eyes are smiling with happiness. Looking at her happy expression, I feel like I’m stranded.After two days of soaking in the honey pot, the sweet taste radiated from the inside out.

  Today, I invited a lot of relatives and friends to my annual wedding, oh!

Sorry, I used the wrong word. I should invite you to this unprecedented wedding in my life. Although I have known her for three months, I have already made my mind in my heart. This life will never end.The second marriage, I only love her, I only married this time, she is the only bride in my life.

  The progress of the wedding was arranged, and everything went smoothly. Like most people’s weddings, the same form, different people, but still the same mood, excited and happy.

But, you know, life sometimes gives you a very unexpected surprise, maybe something you never dreamed of. If it is a surprise, you suddenly feel like you have become the protagonist of the world; but if it is a surprise, youYou suddenly feel like you have become a harlequin in the world.

The development of the matter is like this-the wedding is coming to an end, the smiles on my face are already a bit stiff, and I guess my 30-year smiles are not as much as they are today, and I smile a littleNumbness, but I still have to laugh, because everyone is laughing, so I have to laugh especially, but at this time, a friend who hasn’t seen in a few years suddenly appeared in front of me and my newlywed wife with a wine glass.My brother and sister accompanied him to drink a glass of wine, and he was pleased. When he just stabilized his shaking body, his eyes suddenly straightened, and he noticed my wife’s face as if studying something.



Xiaofeng, why are you here?

Remember me, you Daniel, hehe . I haven’t patronized you for a while, and I want to die all this.

Just tonight, my buddies are getting married today, and I am also happy. The two of us will play again in the evening, just as if we were going to accompany the buddies together.

“What are you talking about, I do.
Don’t even know you.

“I stood beside me and suddenly heard the words of the buddy, my head suddenly became big, angry.” Oh!

The ground was directly above his head, and he was about to push the buddy so that he would not get mad by drunkenness, but found that the newlywed wife next to me was flushed, and her refutation was actually stuttered.

  ”What happened to you, Xiaofeng, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You don’t know the old one. Would you like me to tell the secret of the two of us, you still have .” “Don’t sayYou recognize the wrong person, me.
I’m not what you said Xiaofeng, you admit the wrong person.

“” Reinstall!

Also installed!

I told you to pretend. You have a birthmark on your left butt. I’m right, you still pretend to be here with me. What are you afraid of, I . “When this man said this, I didn’tTemper, I know he’s right, she does have a birthmark on her left butt, I know, I have had several sexual encounters with her.

  I turned to look at my new wife. She had already blushed her entire face. Her embarrassed expression seemed to have just swallowed an entire apple, and when she was there, she could not say a word.

  ”Xiaofeng, Xiaofeng, come, go with Big Niu, go .” This is the last word that this buddy can say for more than half a month. I have fisted out furiously and is hitting himThree teeth had fallen from the mouth that was blowing gas.

But who am I angry with, is he?

Or is she?

Or myself.

  ”You shouldn’t keep hiding from me.

“I was wrong, I should not hide from you.

I just care about you too much, too much about this marriage, I’m afraid I will lose you after speaking it out.

“”what should I do now.

“”I do not know.

“Can we continue, pretending nothing happened.

“”I do not know.

“You go.

“.” Was it an accident? It was difficult for me to make a judgment on this matter. Am I wrong? Was she wrong? In fact, it is no longer important. I only know that I have a true feeling for her.She loved her, but I didn’t love her. She only showed me one side. I barely saw her front side until the amazing scene at the wedding.

  It was an unprecedented wedding, and at least I made the definition right.


Demystifying: Eight Mysterious Privacys in Men’s Eroticism

Demystifying: Eight Mysterious Privacys in Men’s Eroticism

First, men vent their emotions through sex in modern society. Men are under increasing pressure in social life, especially in highly competitive jobs, promotion, salary increases, client development, etc., all of which keep men ‘s spirits constantly.In a state of tension.

So many men ease their emotions by having sex.

In addition, when there is an emotional crisis between husbands and wives, men often hope to use skin-to-kind to split contradictions, but this way is often not understood by the wife, but instead thinks that he is used as a venting tool by men, so he has an aversion.

  In fact, men are often fragile, and their low emotions need to be released and eager to be understood.

Therefore, when you know this mental state of a man, approach him actively when he is at a low tide, encourage him, listen to his talk, and give her a gentle comfort and hug to the woman, which will make the relationship between husband and wifeDeeper.

  Second, praising his sexual abilities. In the life of husband and wife, whether it is a thin or strong man, there will often be an anxiety. They will have unreasonable doubts about their sexual abilities.Mr. Meng, “and worried that his wife underestimated his performance.

At this time, if there is no more communication between husband and wife, men will be even less able to get the affirmation they expect, and they will become even more at a loss.

On the contrary, if a woman can give a man a positive encouragement and praise him with words like “You are really good”, “You make me happy”, then the man will become very confident and work harder.To show their male charm, so that women have more happiness.

  Third, the motherhood of a woman who refuses to be a child is often considered by a man to be beautiful. He may need you to care about his warmth and warmth like a mother and take care of his diet.

However, if you also treat him as a child in the life of a husband and wife, then it is difficult for him to treat you sexually, and the maternal characteristics at this time will make your woman sexually attractive.

So, remember: you are his wife, not his mother.

  Fourth, it is necessary for a woman to actively “attack” a man. Although he is willing to become the protagonist in the life of a husband and wife, he also hopes to have the active cooperation of a woman.

Almost ninety percent of men said: “If she can also be crazy sometimes, I will be more excited, and I think that two people will feel better.

“So women can take the initiative to express their sexual requirements, and they don’t have to worry about being treated as slutty by men and being too shy.

  Fifth, the contrast between men before and after sex. The “coldness” that men show after having sex is a more concentrated “opinion” of women towards men.

Indeed, most men are relatively gentle before and during sex, and they have become passionate for a moment and become dumb.

  Therefore, women naturally feel that men only pursue sex and do not know how to love. In fact, this contrast between men has nothing to do with emotions.

In addition to their physical fatigue, this is also their readjustment and control of their emotions.

When a man has sex, he reveals his completely real side. When everything is over, he immediately feels that he should return to his daily state and restore the image of the man’s great shore.

  Sixth, facing the masturbation behavior of a man once, a wife saw her husband masturbating at an accidental opportunity, so the lord had a strong sense of disgust, and even felt that the husband was a pervert and a hooligan.

In fact, both men and women may masturbate, and they may not disappear after marriage.

Usually men have stronger sexual desire than older women. If he is not satisfied with his wife, he will occasionally use masturbation to solve the problem.

As long as it is not excessive, such behavior will be blamed.

As a wife, you should face up to this and take the initiative to strengthen communication and cooperation with your husband in order to achieve a more harmonious state.

  Seven, “erotic” real man Is a man really lecherous?

Answer: Yes.

You often find their lustful “targets” in life, and sometimes they look at the beautiful women in the field of vision when they are shopping; they usually love some adult magazines and video discs; adult websites make them forget.

In life, many women despise the “face” of men, believing that they have no culture and are pornographic expressions.

In fact, “lecherousness” is the true nature of men, but because it is almost instinct, it ca n’t be judged that moral integrity is corrupt. Women should be more tolerant of this. Believing that men are just to satisfy a visual sense, this does not meanAs a result, they will be emotionally upset.

  Eight, the mystery is the eternal attraction of the sexy body curve of a woman if looming, as well as the softness of shyness and cowardice will have a huge temptation to men.

However, after marriage, some women often just ignore this, without nakedness in front of their husbands, without the shyness that has made men heart-breaking, and no longer pay attention to underwear, or even make-up and trimming.I don’t think it’s necessary to cover up since the two are close.

In fact, this makes men lose their “sexual interest” in this “confession”.

Because men are always willing to retain their curiosity about women, they like the mysterious sense of women, which is why many husbands like their wives to wear pajamas rather than nothing.

Therefore, a sexy woman always hides herself behind a mysterious veil, and gives a man the impulse to reveal.


The most delicate parts of delicate women


The most delicate parts of delicate women

When the opportunity for skin relatives comes, do you have confidence in your skin’s touch, can you let him touch you and leave you?

Don’t hesitate any more. If you want him to touch, you don’t want to leave your hand. You must not ignore the maintenance of the 4 sexy parts.


hzh {display: none; }  保养重点1:颈肩 成为最性感的诱惑  出糗状况:零锁骨、双下巴、深刻颈纹  保养方向:去角质、紧实按摩、保湿、防晒  基本上颈部的保养The needs are not much different from those on the face. Cleansing and exfoliating are needed to increase brightness, gentle massage increases firmness and elasticity, strengthens moisturization to avoid dry lines, and protects the sun to prevent the skin from aging earlier.

Continue skin care to the neck and shoulders!

Add a little tricks and let the neck and shoulders line your sexy point.

  Tip 1.

45-degree oblique massage gesture: Massaging the skin at an oblique 45-degree angle can provide a lighter strength and avoid pulling on thinner skin. It can increase elasticity with a cream with a high moisturizing effect.


Enhance sun protection: Don’t forget to take care of the skin when applying sun protection on the face, and take care of the skin from the bottom up to prevent it. Sunscreen powder is also a good product to help prevent sunburn.


Adding three-dimensional gloss: The clavicle lines of a sensual woman are not obvious, and you can’t get away from your body weight for a while. You can use a lotion with luster and powder to strengthen the clavicle and let the light refract to create a three-dimensional effect for you.

  Neck and chest lift massage step function: Firming neck and shoulder lines, promoting lymphatic and blood circulation1.

Use a massage brush while bathing, take bath bubbles, and massage from the shoulder to the neck and ears in a small spiral.


Apply neck and chest cream with both hands. Place your left hand at an angle of 45 degrees below the right ear. Touch it along the right neck and slide it to the right shoulder. Then gently stroke the clavicle to the left shoulder.


Use your right hand to gently stroke your left shoulder, slide it along the left neck to the left of your left ear at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, then stretch it along the left neck and massage it repeatedly.


Gently heal your hands and gently massage to avoid excessive skin involvement.

  Maintenance points 2: The key to the success of the first contact with hands and feet: dryness, rough lines, cracks, local dullness. Maintenance directions: softening and exfoliating, nourishing and repairing, and pressure-relief massage due to less oil secretion, often exposed to the sun.The demand for hand and foot maintenance is particularly obvious in winter when humidity and temperature drop.

Choose botanical ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin B5, cactus and other herbs to provide more nourishing and healing effects.

For the brightening of the knuckles, the softening and moisturizing of the heels, the relaxation of the muscles, and even the maintenance of the arms and lower legs, they can be classified in the hand and foot maintenance areas.

  Tips for the hand 1, strengthen the small details: When exfoliating, especially strengthen each knuckle, tiger’s mouth and fingertips, use a small spiral to draw a circle to strengthen the massage, so as not to let the small places darken the hands.beautiful.

  2. Nourishment is doubled: After applying the hand cream, you can wrap it in plastic wrap or wear gloves to strengthen the moisture.

  3. Promote blood circulation: Holding the arm and massaging the entire arm in a twisting manner can promote circulation.

  Tip 1 for the foot, remove the hard skin: After the foot skin is softened, remove the exfoliating cream and massage the soles with a spiral massage.

For thicker horny feet, you can use a scrub board and pumice stone to help exfoliate. About 1-2 times a week, it helps the keratin to renew and keep the skin smooth and tender.

  2. Strengthening nourishing and repairing: Every time you take a bath, you must help nourish the cream on your feet, extend the massage to your calves, and massage from the bottom to the top in a single direction, which can eliminate puffiness and reduce foot pressure.

  3. Herringbone massage: When massaging the foot, use two thumbs to draw a herringbone on the small area of the entire foot, and remove the tight muscles on the foot to make the foot better circulated.

  Maintenance key point 3: Beautiful skin falls in love with the skin walking on your body. The condition is dull: partial dullness, rough and dry, red itching and peeling.

hzh {display: none; }  保养方向:去角质、保湿、按摩   身体肌肤表面积大,很怕随着环境改变造成水分皮脂流失,降低肌肤的防御能力.

Even if you don’t have time to spend too much time on body maintenance, you must apply the lotion immediately after taking a shower every day. Whether it is moisturizing, sculpting or firming the body, you can immediately replenish the skin’s lost moisture.

  Tip 1.

Partial exfoliation: Use body exfoliating products to massage a large area of the body from bottom to top and from inside to outside.

For small local areas, such as coordinates, elbows, use a spiral circle to gently exfoliate 2-3 times a week.


Massage promotes circulation: In addition to massage when absorbing body milk, you can take regular baths and exercise to increase metabolism and promote blood circulation.   3.

Replenish sufficient moisture in the body: It is not enough for the skin to be supple except for external hydration. You also need to drink plenty of water.

Because water is an important substance involved in body metabolism, 2000c per day.


, Take 20-30 minutes to add water in a small mouth to add water, the best effect.

  Maintenance point 4: The back of the beautiful back captures the man’s heart state: acne, large pores, rough touch Maintenance direction: clean oil control, exfoliation, astringent, moisturizing maintenance is based on clean oil control, astringent skin,Controlling sebum secretion can reduce acne and enlarged pores.

Because the top oil is rich, avoid providing nourishing body lotion, strengthen refreshing and moisturizing, and regularly do exfoliating maintenance. If you can cultivate exercise habits and practice beautiful back lines, you can make the beautiful back a weapon for men.。
  Tip 1.

Bath towels to help: For girls with poor limbs, their hands cannot be placed on the back, and cleaning and maintenance are easy to become high.

It is suggested that the back of the touch can be cleaned with the help of a bath towel or a bath brush. The friction effect alone can help the skin to exfoliate.


Astringent skin: You can use a body-specific astringent spray, or use astringent lotion on the face, and pat on the residual skin that is prone to oil, or apply a purifying astringent mask on the face to enhance the purifying and controlling effect.


Refreshing and moisturizing: Because the sebaceous glands are strong in the back end, it is not suitable to use too nourishing body lotion.

You can prepare a refreshing lotion for this, or after applying body lotion on the whole body, apply the remaining amount of the lotion to the residue, so as not to increase the burden on excess skin.


Cordyceps flower tonic liver and kidney

Cordyceps flower tonic liver and kidney

Cordyceps flowers are naturally calm, not cold, and can be eaten with ease for most people.

Cordyceps flowers are rich in proteins, amino acids, and cordycepin, mannitol, SOD, and multi-components. Among them, cordycepin and cordycepin can comprehensively regulate the internal environment of the human body, enhance the function of macrophages in the body, and enhance and regulate the body’s immunity.Function, has a certain role in improving human disease resistance.

It has beneficial effects on liver and kidney, replenishes the essence, and stops bleeding and phlegm. It is mainly used for the treatment of dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, weak waist and knees, impotence, premature ejaculation, chronic cough and asthma.

  Cordyceps militaris grows Cordyceps militaris, and they share many similarities.

Cordyceps is used as a substitute for Cordyceps in some places.

The measurement results show that the contents of Cordyceps militaris, Cordycepin, Cordycepin, Cordyceps polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. which are cultivated artificially are similar to Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militaris.

Cordyceps flowers have many similarities with them.

  Cordyceps Flower Succulent Cooked Shrimp Ingredients: Eat Cordyceps Sinensis, Succulent Melon, Vegetarian Shrimp, Crab Mushroom.

  Practices: 1. Succeed and peel, cut into sections for later use.

  2. Cut off the root pedicles of the crab-flavored mushrooms and wash them for later use.

  3. The Cordyceps flowers are cleaned and steamed for 30 minutes.

  4. Pour the refined oil into the clean pot. The oil temperature rises to about 40%. Put the melons into it. Cook the crab mushrooms until they are cooked. Pour out the drained oil.

  5. Leave a small amount of refined oil in the pot, add ginger slices and fragrant incense, add vegetarian shrimp, add a little vegetarian soup, add melons, crab mushrooms, and cordyceps flowers and mix well.

Add water, seasoning salt, mushroom extract, and cook for a while.

  Cold Cordyceps flower ingredients: Cordyceps flower amount, green pepper, millet pepper, chives, balsamic vinegar, balsamic oil, salt, garlic.

  Practice: 1.

Zip the root of Cordyceps flower; then soak it in water for 10 minutes.


Millet peppers and green peppers are cut into small circles; chives are cut into sections; garlic minced.


Add seasoning ingredients other than the chives to the bowl and stir to make a sauce.


Wash the soaked Cordyceps flowers, and put them in boiling water for a while.

Remove and drain and place in a plate.


Pour the prepared sauce on top and sprinkle with spring onions.

  Cordyceps flower for people: 1.

Mental workers, sub-healthy people.


Easy to fatigue, cold, too fat and lean, weak, low immunity.


Waist and knee pain, poor kidney function.


Facial stains and dullness.


Those who are old and frail, suffer from post-ill health, and suffer from postpartum weakness.


Baby rhinitis diet conditioning method

Baby rhinitis diet conditioning method

Therapeutic conditioning Xinyi flower pot eggs: 10 grams of Xinyi flower, 1-2 eggs, add the same amount of water to the pot, remove the shell after the eggs are cooked, cook for a while, drink soup and eat eggs, regular clothes are effective.

  Cocklebur lean meat: 12 grams of cocklebur, 50 grams of lean pork, add the right amount of water, cook for 60 minutes, season with salt, eat soup with meat, effective in regular clothes.

Can also be used Xanthium root 30 grams on behalf of Xanthium.

  Baiye pork nose soup: 15 grams of raw cypress leaves, 6 grams of Dendrobium, 3 grams of Bupleurum, 30 grams of pork snout, add 3 bowls of water, fry into half a bowl, remove residue and juice, add 30 grams of honey, 30 degrees rice wine15 grams, mix well and drink in portions.

Three doses are for a course of treatment, and even take 3 courses of treatment.

  芎 芷 Stewed pig brain: 1 pair of pig brain, wash and remove 6 grams of red tendon, Chuanxiong and Baiji, 10 grams of Xinyi flower, fry 3 flavors of Chinese medicine first, take half a bowl of juice, pour into a stew bowl, add pig brain, Boiled in boiling water, drink soup to eat pig brain, regular clothes are effective.

  Jujube in red jujube pot: 6 jujubes, 10 grams of cocklebur, the same amount of water as in the pot, take juice, once a day, 7 days as a course of treatment.

   Barley stem rice porridge: (especially suitable for allergic rhinitis) 15 grams of barley kernels, 10 grams of lotus seed meat, 3 yuan fried atractylodes, one cup of white rice.

Soak the lotus root and lotus seed meat in water for one night, put water in the pot the next day, put a gauze bag on the atractylodes, and cook the porridge together.