The most complete dialectical analysis of TCM in children with diarrhea!

The most complete dialectical analysis of TCM in children with diarrhea!

[概述]  泄泻是以大便次数增多,粪质稀薄或如水样为特征的一种小儿常见病.

Western medicine calls diarrhea diarrhea, and those who develop it in infants and young children call it diarrhea.

The disease is most common in children under 2 years of age.

Although it occurs throughout the year, the incidence increases in summer and autumn, and the diarrhea in autumn and winter is likely to cause epidemics.

  In children, the spleen is often inadequate, feeling deficient, suffering from internal injury, milk feeding, or spleen and kidney yang deficiency, which leads to dysfunction of spleen and stomach transport and diarrhea.

Mild patients are treated properly and have a good prognosis.

In severe cases, excessive discharge is easy to see, and qi and yin injuries are easily seen, and even yin is exhausted.

Those who have not been cured for a long time can easily turn into false evidence or experience slow convulsions.

  [病因病理]  小儿泄泻发生的原因,以感受外邪,内伤饮食,脾胃虚弱为多见。Its main metabolism is in the spleen and stomach, because the stomach accepts the rotten water, and the spleen mainly transports the water and valleys. If the spleen and stomach are diseased, the diet enters the stomach.Into diarrhea.

Therefore, “Children’s Integration · Diarrhea Treatment” said: “The essence of a husband’s diarrhea is due to the spleen and stomach.

Covering the stomach is the sea of water valleys, and the spleen is transported to make the spleen healthy, and the water valleys are corrupted into qi and blood to honor Rongwei.

If the diet is out of step and the cold temperature is not adjusted, which causes the spleen and stomach to be injured, the water is wet, the valley is stagnation, the essence of the gas cannot be lost, but the pollution is reduced, and the diarrhea is ridiculous.

“Feel the viscera of the external evil child tender and delicate, the skin is weak, the cold and warm are not self-regulated, and it is easy for the external evil to attack the disease.

Exogenous wind, cold, summer, wet, hot evil almost cause diarrhea, but no dry evil causes diarrhea, cover because of the spleen like dry and wet.

Other external evils often cause diarrhea in combination with wet evils, so the predecessors have said that “wetness does not result in diarrhea” and “wetness becomes five diarrhea.”

Due to climate factors, wind and cold (wet) cause diarrhea in winter and spring, and summer (wet) cause diarrhea in summer and autumn.

Pediatric diarrhea is most common with hot and humid diarrhea.

  Children with internal injury diet often have insufficient spleen, weak transport ability, and unconscious diet. If care is not appropriate, breastfeeding is improper, diet is unclean or unclean, eating raw cold fruits or indigestible food can damage the spleen and stomach, and diarrhea occurs。Therefore, “Su Wen Bi Bi” said: “Dietary self-doubling, the stomach is hurt.

“Injury, food and diarrhea can occur alone, more often than in other diarrhea syndromes.

  Weakness of the spleen and stomach Congenital endowment is insufficient, acquired care is not appropriate, or prolonged illness does not heal, can cause spleen and stomach weakness.

The weak stomach is stale, and the spleen is dysfunctional, so the water is wet, the valley is stagnation, the turbidity is not divided, and the spleen is down, causing spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

There are also empirical evidence of diarrhea, mistreatment, failure to heal, and damage to the spleen and stomach.

  Spleen and kidney yang deficiency caused by spleen deficiency, generally consumes the temper first, and then damages the spleen yang, the spleen damage and kidneys after a long time, resulting in spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

Insufficient kidney yang, fire does not warm the soil, cold and cold inside, water valleys do not change, and walks between the intestines, resulting in clear and cold, spleen and kidney yang due to holes and diarrhea.

  Because children have the physiological characteristics of “naive yin and yang,” and the pathological characteristics of “easiness, weakness, coldness, and heat,” and when the diarrhea is severe, they can benefit too much, and easily damage the gas and fluid.Two injuries of yin, even yin injury and yang, lead to the critical change of yin exhaustion.

If the long-term diarrhea does not stop, the soil is weak, the liver is uncontrollable, and the wind is uncontrollable. Slow convulsions can occur; the spleen is debilitated, the biochemical fatigue is weak, and the blood is not enough to honor the viscera and skin.

  [临床诊断]  一、诊断要点  1。
The number of bowel movements increased more than 3-5 times a day, and more than 10 times a day, and it was pale yellow, such as egg flower soup, or yellow and green, or brown and stinky, with a small amount of mucus.

Or accompanied by nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, thirst, etc.


Have a history of malnutrition, unhealthy diet or feeling sick.


Severe diarrhea and severe vomiting can be seen with lack of urine, elevated body temperature, tiredness, dry skin, depression of the cardia, visual depression, dehydration such as crying without tears, and red lips and lips, deep breathing, and abdominal distension and other acid-base balanceImbalances and manifestations of electrolyte disorders.


Stool microscopy may have unfortunate bulbs or a small amount of white blood cells and red blood cells.

  5, stool stool examination may have pathogenic colon or virus test positive.
  Second, the differential diagnosis of dysentery is that the stool is thin, there is sticky frost or pus and blood, the stool is increased after the emergency, and abdominal pain is obvious.

Stool routine examination of red blood cells, white blood cells are many, phagocytic cells can be found; stool culture has dysenteriae growth.

  [辨证论治]  一、辨证要点  1.
Differentiating the etiology can lead to different syndromes and different stool traits.

Generally, the stool is thin and contains milk clots or food residues, the smell is sour, or if the eggs are broken, it is mostly caused by wounds and food.

Stools are thin and foamy, yellowish in color, and have a bad smell, mostly caused by wind chills.

Watery or egg flower soup-like stools, large amounts, yellowish brown, stinky odor, or slight mucus, abdominal pain, mostly caused by hot and humid.

Stool is thin or mushy.

The color is light and not stinky, and it is caused by spleen deficiency after eating too much.

The stool is thin, the valley is not changed, the color is light and odorless, and most of them are spleen and kidney collapse.


The number of discerning light and heavy stools is generally not more than 10 times, the spirit is good, there is no vomiting, and the amount of urine can be regarded as light evidence.

Urgent diarrhea, more frequent, dizzy or irritable, or vomiting, lack of urination, is a case in point.

If you see dry skin, depression of the cardia, crying without tears, little or no urine, graying, and apathy, it is a critical change of diarrhea.


Distinguishing dysentery and diarrhea has a short course of disease, diarrhea and violent diarrhea, and a large amount of abdominal pain is mostly empirical.

The diarrhea is long and the diarrhea is slow.

Delays are difficult to heal for a long time, diarrhea may be urgent or slow, and those who refuse to press according to abdominal distension and pain are mostly insufficiency.

  Second, the principle of treatment of diarrhea, the basic principle is to transport spleen and dampness.

In fact, the main treatment is to eliminate evil, according to different types of syndromes to eliminate stasis, eliminate wind and dispel cold, clear heat and dampness.

Deficiency is mainly based on righting, and the spleen is nourished and the spleen is warmed.

The diarrhea is transformed into a card, which can be treated with Yiqi Yangyin, sour and constricting Yin, protecting yin and yang, and reversing Gutu.

In addition to internal medicine, this disease is often treated with external treatment, massage, acupuncture and other methods.

  Third, divide the card to discuss governance (a) the regular card 1.

Injury, food and diarrhea symptoms: thin stools, milk clots or food residues, sour smell, or swollen belly, such as broken eggs, abdominal pain in front of the stool, reduced pain after diarrhea, refusal to press abdominal pain, belching, orHave vomiting, do not think about breastfeeding, restless at night, thick greasy tongue, or slightly yellow.

  Analysis: This card often has a history of inedible milk.

Insufficient milk food, damage to the spleen and stomach, and abnormal transport, so there is indigestible milk clots or food residues in the stool.

Stagnation in food stagnation, abdominal distension and abdominal pain due to unfavorable air-conditioning; post-diarrheal stagnation may be reduced, and the air-conditioning will be smooth for a while, so the abdominal pain after diarrhea is temporarily reduced.

Dairy internal rot, turbid gas up, stomach loss and lowering, belching, soreness, or vomiting.

Tongue fur is thick or slightly yellow, sour stools, or rotten eggs, do not think about milk, restless at night, are evidence of milk product stagnation.

  Governing law: digestion and stagnation.

  Recipe: Baohe Pills.

Commonly used medicines: Hawthorn, Divine Comedy, Laizizi digestion and accumulation of stagnant stagnation, Chenpi, Pinellia qi reduction and inverse, Poria spleen and spleen and dampness, Forsythia clearing and stagnation.

Abdominal bloating and abdominal pain with woody fragrance, Magnolia, betel nut, qi and qi, relieve pain and analgesia; vomiting with Huoxiang, ginger and stomach to stop vomiting.


Symptoms of wind cold and diarrhea: thin stools, foaming in the middle, low odor, intestinal pain and abdominal pain, or fever accompanied by aversion to cold, runny nose, cough, pale tongue, and thin white fur.

  Analysis: Inadequate nursing care, feeling cold, cold cold in the stomach and intestines, cold stagnation, stagnation of qi, stagnation in Zhongyang, dereliction of duty, so I saw thin stools, foamy dung, and bad smell.

The wind is cold and stagnation, the air machine must not be unblocked, so I see bowel sounds and abdominal pain.

Aversion to cold, fever, nasal runny nose, cough, pale tongue, and thin white fur, replacing the external attack of wind and cold.
  Governing Law: Disperse wind and dispel cold, dampen and moderate.
  Recipe: Huoxiang Zhengqi Powder is added or subtracted.

Commonly used medicines: Huoxiang, Su Ye, Paeonia lactiflora, ginger, dispelling wind and dispersing cold, regulating gas and dampness, big abdomen skin, Magnolia officinalis, Chenpi, temperature and dryness and dampness of Pinellia, conditioning Qi machine, atractylodes, Poria, licorice, jujube healthSpleen and stomach.

Stools are thin, pale green, and foamy. Add wind charcoal to expelling wind and relieve diarrhea. Abdominal pain is severe, cold in the cold, add woody fragrance, and dry ginger to relieve cold and pain in the temperature of Daniel. If you have food stagnation, remove licorice, jujube, addJiao Hawthorn, Shenqu digestion and stagnation; lack of urine, plus diarrhea, soot and diuresis; epidermal cold plus nepeta, windproof to strengthen the ability to relieve the cold.


Symptoms of dampness, heat and diarrhea: watery stools, or like egg soup, urgency to diarrhea, frequent repeated doses, stinky odor, or foreign matter mucus, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, or vomiting, fatigue,Or fever, trouble, thirst, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse.

  Analysis: The evil of hot and humid, accumulates the spleen and stomach, bet in series, pass the loss of the company, so the diarrhea is thin like water, and the amount is repeated many times.

Moist stickiness, hot rush, hot and humid steaming, obstructing the stomach gas machine, so diarrhea urgency, yellow and stinky, or seeing mucus, abdominal pain, disturbed; wet spleen and stomach, so appetite loss,Even vomiting, exhaustion.

If accompanied by exogenous feelings, then fever; heat is heavier than wet, then thirsty; betting hot and humid, so the urine is short and yellow; red tongue, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulses, alternating signs of damp heat.

  Governing Law: clearing away heat and dampness.

  Recipe: Gegen Huanghuang Huanglian Decoction.

Commonly used medicines: Pueraria detoxifying fever, Shengjin Shengyang, Scutellaria baicalensis, Coptis clearing damp and heat of the stomach and intestines, licorice reconciling various medicines, all have the functions of clearing the intestines and clearing the inside and the outside.

Heat is heavier than wet, add forsythia, purslane, verbena to clear heat and detoxify; wet is heavier than heat, add talc, plantain, Poria, Atractylodes is dry and damp; abdominal pain with woody aroma and analgesia; thirst with plaster,Reed root clears heat and promotes heat; in the wet and turbid in summer, it is blocked by adding Huoxiang, Pei Lan fragrant and wet and turbid;


Spleen Deficiency Diarrhea Symptoms: Thin stools, pale color and no odor, more than diarrhea after eating, light and heavy, pale complexion, weight loss, tiredness, pale tongue and white fur, slow pulse.

  Analysis: The spleen and stomach are weak, Qingyang does not rise, and Yunhua is dereliction of duty. Therefore, the stool is thin, the color is light and does not smell, and it is light and heavy.

The spleen and stomach are weak, and the right to accept is not available, so it is more than a diarrhea after eating.

Diarrhea is longer, the spleen is not transported, the skin is not clothed, the source of biochemistry is insufficient, the blood is not enough, so the complexion looks yellow, the body is thin, the fatigue is tired, the tongue is pale and white, and the pulse is weak.

  Governing Law: Spleen Qi, help transport diarrhea.

  Recipe: Shenling Baizhu Powder addition and subtraction.

Commonly used drugs: Codonopsis, Atractylodes, Poria, Licorice tonicate the spleen, Chinese yam, lotus meat, lentils, coix seed, spleen and dampness, Amomum vulgaris, platycodon qi and stomach.

Stomach appetite, greasy tongue, add fragrant incense, tangerine peel, coke hawthorn to aromatize wet, qi and digestion to help transport; abdominal distension and add woody fragrant, snail shell to dissipate qi; abdomen cold tongue, light stool, indigestible stool stoolFor indigestible matter, add dried ginger to disperse cold and warm the spleen to help transport; long-term diarrhea does not stop, there is no stagnant inside, add nutmeg, gardenia, pomegranate peel to stop diarrhea.


Symptoms of deficiency of spleen and kidney yang: diarrhea persists, stools are thin, and the valley is not melted, or anal prolapse, cold-shaped limbs are cold, complexion is pale, spirits are dizzy, eyes are light during sleep, tongue is pale and white, and veins are weak.

  Analysis: Jiuxie not only, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, life-gate fire failure, can not warm the spleen soil, so the stool is thin, not finished.

Spleen deficiency and Qi depression, see prolapse.

Insufficient kidney yang, cold and endogenous, so cold limbs, pale complexion, apathetic, eyes exposed during sleep, pale tongue and white fur, weak pulse.

  Governing method: nourishing the spleen and warming the kidney, solid astringent and reducing diarrhea.

  Recipe: Aconite Lizhong Decoction plus Sishen Pill.

Commonly used drugs: Codonopsis, Atractylodes, licorice, strengthening spleen and qi, dry ginger, rutaecarpa, warm and cold, aconite, psoralea, nutmeg, schisandra, warming the spleen and warming the spleen, fixing astringent and diarrhea

· Anal prolapse plus deciduous astragalus, Cimicifuga lifts mid-air; Jiujia not only adds gardenia, pomegranate skin, erythrolipid, and astringent to stop diarrhea.

  (2) Change of Certificate 1.

Symptoms of qi and yin injury: diarrhea inexhaustible, dilute as water, dispirited or upset, visual and sunken skin, dry or withered skin, crying without tears, drinking thirst, lack of urine, or even no urine, Lips red and dry, red tongue less Jin, little or no moss, pulse count.

  Analysis: This card mostly originates from hot and humid diarrhea, due to insufficiency of diarrhea, loss of water and fluids, robbing of yin and jin, deficiency of fluid and qi, and loss of skin. Therefore, the eyes and anterior ridges are sunken, and the skin is dry or withered, cryingNo tears, red lips and dry lips.

Insufficient fluid, so short urine, or even no urine.

Stomach yin trauma, without Jinshou, so dry mouth, thirst to drink.

Insufficient qi and yin, upset the heart, so upset.

Tongue red and little Jin, little or no moss, pulse count, replacing the phenomenon of qi and yin injury.

  Governing Law: Yi Qi Yang Yin, sour Gan convergence Yin.

  Recipe: Ginseng Wumei Decoction.
Commonly used drugs: ginseng, licorice, qi and spleen, ebony astringent intestines and diarrhea, papaya to dampen the stomach and stomach, four medicines combined and can be used to sour yin, lotus seeds, yam, spleen and diarrhea.

Jiujia not only adds hawthorn charcoal, gardenia, and red stone to astringent intestines to quench thirst; thirst induces drink with Dendrobium, Yuzhu, Trichosanthin, reed root to nourish yin and thirst; thirst for stool and spleen heat to clear the inner content.

Symptoms of yin and yang dysfunction: more than one diarrhea, more frequent, weak spirits, indifferent expression, pale gray or pale, weak crying, crying without tears, little or no urine, cold limbs, pale tongue,The pulse sinks.

  Analysis: This card is more common in diarrhea or long-term diarrhea, which consumes fluid, yin and yang, and qi is removed with fluid.

Yin hurt inside, so I saw crying without tears, little or no urine; Yang out of the outside, then the spirit is apathetic, indifferent expression, weak crying, pale gray or pale, cold limbs.

The tongue is pale, and the pulse is sinking, and the pulse is exhausted.

  Governing Law: Reinvigorate Yin and Yang, and save Gu Gu.

  Recipe: Shengmai San combined Shenfu Longmu Jiini Decoction.

Commonly used medicines: ginseng nourishing vitality, Ophiopogon japonicum, Schisandra chinensis, Paeonia lactiflora, sucrose nourishing yin and nourishing yin, sour yam and yin, aconite to solidify yang, keel, oyster Qianyang rescue.

  [其他疗法]  一、中成药剂  1.Huoxiangzhengqi capsules take 2-3 capsules each time, 3-4 times a day.

For the cold and diarrhea.


Chunyang Zhengqi Pills are 2-3g per serving, 3-4 times a day.

For cold diarrhea, abdominal cold vomiting.


Manna disinfectant is 2-3g per serving, 3-4 times a day.

Diarrhea for summer dampness.


Gegenlinglian pills, 12 g per serving, 3-4 times a day.

For hot and humid diarrhea.


Fuzi Lizhong Wan 2-3g per serving, 3-4 times a day.

For spleen and kidney yang deficiency.

  Second, unilateral prescriptions 1.

Cangzhu, Hawthorn in equal parts, charcoal retention, ground.

Take 1-2g each time, 3-4 times a day.

It has the function of transporting spleen and reducing diarrhea.

The spleen-yang injury caused by Jiujia is added with an equal portion of cannon ginger charcoal powder for spleen deficiency.


Almond and talc soup with almond, talc, 10g each for Pinellia ternata, Scutellaria baicalensis, Magnolia officinalis, 6g each for turmeric, 4g orange red, 3g each for Coptis chinensis and Licorice.

Decoction, 1 dose daily.

There are Xuan Changqi, clearing away dampness and heat, used for dampness and heat.

  Third, external drug treatment 1.

2g cloves, 30g Evodia, 30 peppers.

1-3g each time, adjust the vinegar into a paste, apply to the umbilicus, once a day.

For the cold and diarrhea, spleen deficiency.


30g of Needleweed, add the right amount of water.
After boiling, pour into the basin, soak your feet before smoking, 3-5 times a day, use 3-5 days.

Various diarrhea for children.

  Fourth, acupuncture therapy 1.
Acupuncture was taken at Zusanli, Zhongyu, Tianshu and Pishu.

Fever plus Quchi, vomiting plus Neiguan, upper sacrum, abdominal distension and chin, four wounds to the food and puncture, water samples will add more water.

In fact, the method of diarrhea is used and the method of deficiency is used 1-2 times a day.


The moxibustion method takes Zusanli, Zhongdi and Shenbi.

Ginger moxibustion or mild moxibustion, 1-2 times a day.

For spleen deficiency and diarrhea.

  Fifth, massage therapy to transport the spleen, push the large intestine, clear the small intestine 100 times, rub the abdomen for 3 minutes, rub the Tianshu, rub the turtle tail, push the seven bones each 100 times, pinch the spine 3-5 times.

Fever plus retreat for six days, Qingtian river water, cold and damp and rubbing the laborer’s palace 100 times, dampness and heat plus clearing the large intestine 100 times, partial injury food and pushing the door 100 times, partial spleen deficiency and rubbing for three miles.

  Six, diet therapy 1.

Stir-fried yam, barley kernel, and scallion can be used alone or together, and cooked with rice for daily consumption.

For spleen deficiency.


Eight spleen cakes for strengthening the spleen, 2 pieces each time, boiled water and eat into a paste, 1-3 times a day.

For spleen deficiency.

  [预防护理]  一、预防.  1.Pay attention to food hygiene, food should be fresh, clean, do not eat spoiled food, do not overeating.

Wash your hands before and after meals and clean your tableware.


Promote breastfeeding, it is not appropriate to wean in summer and when children are sick, follow the principle of supplementary food, and pay attention to scientific alternatives.


Strengthen outdoor activities, pay attention to climate change, increase and decrease clothes in time, and prevent the abdomen from getting cold.

  Second, nursing 1.

Properly control the diet to reduce the burden of high blood pressure. Children with severe vomiting and diarrhea can be temporarily fasted for 6-8 hours. After that, their condition will be improved and their diet will be gradually increased.

Avoid greasy, cold and indigestible food.


Keep your skin clean and dry, and change your diapers frequently.

After each bowel movement, wash the residue with warm water and pour on talcum powder.

Prevent red hips.


In-depth observation of changes in the condition to prevent diarrhea.

  [文献摘要]  《小儿卫生总微论方·吐泻论》:“小儿吐泻者,皆由脾胃虚弱,乳哺不调,风寒暑湿,邪干于正所致也。”Book of Diarrhea · Diarrhea”: “Every diarrhea is wet.

There are five evidences, and the rule of law is mainly based on distribution and promotion, and cannot be mixed.

“Ancient and modern medical systems, young and young, and diarrhea.” “Ediarrhea is a disease of the spleen and stomach. Where diet, cold, and heat do not regulate this as an internal cause, it will cause diarrhea, and according to the” Nei Jing “, springColds, Xia Xun release; summer injury, summer injury, wet autumn, are external causes, but also cause diarrhea.

The healer should ask for it in the category, and there is no need to use a formula to stop the diarrhea, but the cloud can cure, but this is a mistake, is it a cloud ear?
If the cause is not cured, although the diarrhea is suspended and relapsed, the delay is long.
”  [现代研究]  韩新民,叶进,袁斌,等.Clinical observation of Cangge Zhixie Granules in the treatment of infantile rotavirus enteritis.Journal of Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1997; 13 (6): 336 Cangge Zhixie Granules (composed of Cangzhu, Pueraria, Psyllium, Dijincao, Baiji, Licorice) for the treatment of infantile rotavirus enteritis damp-heat syndromeCases and 20 cases of Smecta control group.
Results The total effective rates of the two groups were 93.
3%, 90.
0%, no significant difference in efficacy (P>, 0.
05); the antidiarrheal time of the two groups was 2.
6 soil 0.
85 days, 2.
8 soil 0.
At 75 days, there was no significant difference (P> 0.
However, the average time for rotavirus to turn negative after treatment in the treatment group was significantly shorter than that in the control group, and the treatment of concomitant symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and loss of appetite was significantly more effective than the control group.
At the same time, Cangge Zhixie Granules can increase the decreased serum superoxide dismutase and increase the level of peroxidized lipids in children with diarrhea, suggesting that Cangge Zhixie Granules may have the effect of scavenging free radicals.
  Yang Shuoping, Ge Jianjun.
Report of 49 cases of Cryptosporidium infection treated by Quyin decoction in infants and young children.
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1994; 35 (1): 42 49 children with cryptosporidium enteritis, the shortest course of disease is 1 day, the longest is 1 year.
Use Qingyin Decoction: 6g each of Atractylodes root, Sophora flavescens and Baibu, log of white peony, betel nut and pueraria, 5so each of peel, barberry, licorice and thunder pill (below) can be added or subtracted with the card.
Decoction lOOinL and take it orally 3 times.
1 dose per day for 6 courses.
After 1 course of treatment, 47 cases were cured, and 2 cases were ineffective.


Correct the seven major diet weight loss mistakes to make you healthy and lose weight

Correct the seven major diet weight loss mistakes to make you healthy and lose weight

In order to lose weight, many people choose to eat less or even eat to achieve weight loss. As a result, the weight does not fall, but it causes a series of healthy diseases.

Today, you may wish to follow the small series to correct your diet to lose weight eight myths, come to a healthy weight loss.

  Do you think the following situations are familiar?

The horrible thing is that such eating habits are making people enter the obese abyss that they can’t stop without knowing it!


Busy to grab food and mix breakfast.


Skip the lunch at noon and choose fast food.


I can’t help eating snacks when I am hungry during the day.


Eat snacks when you are hungry before dinner.


Eat a snack when you can’t sleep.


Eat while watching TV.


Eat something when your mood is bad.

  Chicago nutritionist Dunn.

Dr. Dawn JaCKson Blatner said: “Arid is a response that requires the body to need energy.”

It is probably the best diet to eat along the body’s reaction!

The result of hunger and thirst may be counterproductive, because the willpower of people often surrenders under the drought.

  Break through the following seven myths, practice correct eating habits, and lose weight is not a dream!

  Situation 1: Busy to grab food for breakfast. There is no time to have a good breakfast, so grab a donut or a high-transfer muffin.

  Solution: After getting up in the morning, brew a packet of instant oatmeal with low-fat milk.

In the shower, change clothes, eat in the empty space, go out with an apple or banana to eat in the car.

  Situation 2: Skip the lunch at noon and choose to have fast food. There are too many things to do. The actual time spent on each job is longer than expected. The lunch time is faster and the stomach is hungry!

Had to succumb to the fast-moving meal.

  Solution: Prepare a high-fiber, high-protein lunch box.

After returning home, eat a little cooked food to add a small amount.

  When you don’t have time to eat lunch, you can prepare an alternative lunch box in advance. As long as you hold the principle of high fiber and high protein, you can make the afternoon work vitality score.

  Situation 3: When you are hungry during the day, you can’t help but eat snacks. Afternoon, you find that the whole person’s energy is declining. I really want to eat. The vending machine in the office seems to be calling you all the time!

  Solution: Prepare a nut and dried fruit in pregnancy. If you are hungry, you can eat hunger and not get fat.

  Situation 4: The stomach is hungry before dinner and has dinner with a female friend, but less than five in the afternoon, the stomach has begun to bark.

  Solution: Prepare a 150–200 calorie point of mind, such as Yogurt with fruit or celery and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. If you are hungry for an hour or two before dinner, you can wrap your belly slightly.

  If you feel that the drought is unbearable before dinner, you should also use some good casein or fruits and vegetables to satisfy your hunger.

  Situation 5: The feeling of being hungry when you can’t sleep is hard to believe in sleep. At this time, in addition to food or food, the brain is lingering.

  Solution: When you are hungry and can’t sleep, grab a high-fiber, low-calorie fruit, such as an apple or pear. Don’t impulsively grab the biscuit directly into your mouth.
Studies have shown that compared with the average daily sleep of seven hours, the probability of weight gain in middle-aged women with a 5-hour sleep interval increased by 32%, and a 15% chance of being overweight.
So try to sleep more!

  Situation 6: Eating while watching TV Most Americans are used to eating while watching TV.

Under such circumstances, I often unknowingly eat 40% more food, and also created a lot of fat people.

  Solution: Try to have the whole family dine together at the table. You must not see the TV at the table, so you won’t eat too much food due to TV distraction.

  The most taboo thing to lose weight is eating snacks one by one, especially when watching TV and eating snacks, which is too much and can’t consume the absorbed heat.

  Situation 7: When you are in a bad mood, eat something. Some people are used to eating food to calm their emotions and get comfort when they are bored, depressed or angry.

A 2007 study pointed out that weight loss is a challenge for obese people who rely too much on food to vent their emotions.

This means that these people must find their own venting sentiment outside of food.

  Solution: Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advised these people to first discover the real cause of emotional changes, prescribe the right medicine, and try to eat only healthy foods when they are really hungry.

  After establishing the correct concept of slimming diet, the next step is the contest between perseverance and desire!

Good eating habits are the only way to achieve healthy weight loss.


Give the child a lesson about rice

Give the child a lesson about rice

Eating attitude, children also need to learn to be grateful that Chinese mothers generally believe that “not asking for returns” is the most selfless approach to children.

However, in Korean dramas, I was moved for a long time when I heard the phrase, “Eat with gratitude.”

In fact, it is just that adults in the family need to understand this principle, and the heart of gratitude to cooks should be cultivated from childhood, which is really responsible to children.

  Maybe it’s time to give the child a lesson about rice.

List the reasons for gratitude on the sticky note, as many as possible!

  Learn a formula: Nutrition of germinated rice > Ordinary previous rice = 10 germinated brown rice?

It is an excellent rice with high nutritional value, which is very beneficial to children whose bodies are in the period of growth and development. The folks have a tradition of eating grain buds for children.

do you know?

Coarse rice retains most of the outer tissue, while 70% of the vitamins, minerals, and a large number of essential amino acids in the rice accumulate in the outer tissue.

Such coarse rice undergoes germination, and the nutrients are further activated, which is more beneficial for the body to absorb.

You should know that compared to ordinary rice, the germ part and the epidermal part of coarse rice contain more rich ingredients such as vitamins, sugars, proteins, trace amounts, minerals, dietary fiber, etc., which can provide simpler nutrition for babies.

Also, coarse rice as a coarse grain can help digestion and promote smooth defecation of the human body. It is also effective in removing excess toxins and traces, so that your baby and you have more beauty and vitality!

  With the continuous advancement of modern high-tech kitchen appliances, they are moving towards health and health functions. Pressure cookers with the function of promoting the germination of rice grains have also begun to appear in Chinese families, becoming the new darling of high-quality families with diet-conscious.

This type of pressure rice cooker continuously adjusts the temperature of the rice cooker automatically, so that the rice grains in the pot get the best germination temperature and humidity, quickly ripens the germinated coarse rice, so that the fragrant rice wrap is wrapped in health, and the baby grows vigorously.You who are beautiful are more beautiful.

A small action, a bowl of fragrant rice, constitutes the formula that mothers love, for their favorite babies and family!

  The nutritional analysis of germinated brown rice showed a 3 times increase in soluble sugar and a 13% increase in soluble protein.

8% glutathione (GSH) consists of 3.

64mg / 100g increased to 9.

48mg / 100g GABA is> coarse rice = 3 times> rice = 10 times IP6> rice = 4 times feed fiber> coarse rice = 15%> rice = 2.

7 times


These behaviors impair male reproductive ability!

Be alert to male infertility body signals!

These behaviors impair male reproductive ability!

Be alert to male infertility body signals!

Among the health problems that many men may encounter, certain types of problems often make male friends “shy”, that is, male reproductive health problems.

Influenced by traditional consciousness, it is often difficult for men to face the health problems of their own infertility.

Infertility, the male and female factors have gradually penetrated everyone’s attention to reproductive health, and everyone’s understanding of infertility has become more comprehensive.

In the past, some people thought that pregnancy is a matter of women, and it is not a problem for women.

But now everyone realizes that the male factor is also becoming more and more important in infertility.

According to experts, at present, the proportion of infertile couples is about 10%-15%, and the male and female factors account for about 50% of infertility.

At the same time, as the age increases, the incidence of infertility also increases.

These reasons lead to male infertility leading to male infertility for many reasons, the most common are: 1, genetic and congenital anomalies, chromosomal abnormalities, AZF gene deletion; 2, endocrine abnormalities, some idiopathicGonadotropin hypogonadism; 3, infectious factors, complications leading to complications; 4, some diseases affecting spermatogenesis, causing orchitis, recessive obesity, varicocele; 5, sexual dysfunction,Such as erectile dysfunction, retrograde ejaculation; 6, other reasons, replaced by drugs that affect sperm production, capillary pills are often in high temperature environment and so on.

Beware of male infertility body signal experts suggest that men often keep silent about reproductive problems, and the phenomenon of abnormal delay in seeking medical treatment is common in clinical practice.

Some men with infertility develop symptoms at an early stage and seek medical attention.

If men have erectile dysfunction, difficulty in ejaculation, no ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation and other symptoms, or if the husband and wife have not been contraceptive for more than one year, there may be male infertility. It is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed examination to clearDiagnose and treat accordingly.

In addition, if there have been women who have had excessive withdrawal, abortion, etc., it is recommended to go to the hospital as soon as possible before the pregnancy, so that professional doctors can help.

What is the recommended recommendation for male infertility?

The five main reasons for male infertility men often wear jeans to carefully combine infertility men how to prevent infertility male infertility panties is actually the culprit


Yoga for two, share the fun together

Yoga for two, share the fun together

Pair yoga is the best pair exercise for friends and couples.

In essence, it is the same as single-person yoga, but it is more representative of two people working together to complete some yoga moves that cannot be performed by one person or are more difficult to achieve.

Although each practitioner’s body and flexibility are different, trusting each other is the most important condition for completing double yoga.

In addition to awakening ourselves, double yoga helps us learn to share life with others.

  Yoga for two people in one love Yoga too many people hear that yoga for two people feel love yoga or couple yoga, but it is not the case.

In Guangzhou, there are already many yoga halls offering two-person yoga classes.

Two-person yoga can be same-sex friends or couples, and one is parent-child yoga.

Two-person yoga only focuses on two people working together to complete some yoga movements that cannot be performed by one person or are difficult to achieve.

  Double yoga can increase the pleasure of yoga halls that were rarely seen by men before, because of the emergence of double yoga, there is too much masculinity.

This pair of yoga, the biggest feeling for the practitioner is pleasure, especially male scholars generally report that they will not be bored, and do not have to be as serious and regular as practicing traditional yoga.

  Severe reduction, but it is easy to insist that the yoga instructor believes that double yoga focuses on coordinated practice of two people. At first, it may be a correction of posture modeling.The increase in requirements for movement after practice is also a constant drawback.

  Coordinating the relationship between the two parties in particular emphasizes trust. Two-person yoga is a sport of mutual love, which allows the two parties to practice intimacy. Once the two parties do not trust, they cannot coordinate and complete the action.

  Yoga tips for two people: 1. Find a partner of equivalent height and a partner of similar level.

  2. Don’t deliberately pursue the beauty and difficulty of modeling.

  3, the two sides of the practice should have some communication.

  4. Follow the coach’s instructions.

  5. The two parties work together to coordinate, and do not focus on individual actions.

  6, 2 hours before practicing can eat a small amount of liquid food.

  7, after yoga, drink plenty of water to help detox.

  8. Pay attention to breathing according to the teacher’s instructions.

  9, after the action is completed, try to leave time for breathing meditation.

  10. Don’t eat or shower immediately after yoga.


Fun test: you will become some kind in old age

Fun test: you will become some kind in old age

Question: If you are an old man, which sentence do you hate the most?


Undead B.

Old is not ashamed of C.

Dead man answer analysis choice A: Your difficulty index is 55%.

The older you are, the more you love broken thoughts, and you ca n’t stop the moment you speak: this type of person is very kind, and when he gets old, he feels that he has experienced so many things, no matter what was good or bad before, he wants to followThe juniors share it together, but they ca n’t stop when they say it. With older memories and embarrassment, it ‘s common to say it four or five times. It is inevitable that the junior ears can’t bear it.

  Option B: Your difficulty index is 20%.

The older you are, the more intimate you are. It ‘s easy for you to be generous: this type of person is very open-minded, and the older you are, the wider your heart is. In addition, you do n’t want to be old, and you always keep a red heart.Feeling very intimate.

  Choice C: Your difficulty index is 99%.

The older you get, the more epic you are. Everyone sees that you want to run away: this type of person is more stubborn at the age of self, thinks that what he caused must be right, and will definitely strive to the end when arguing about things, so be careful that it will change in old ageThe lonely elderly can’t be avoided.


Six kinds of Chenpi medicated diet can strengthen the spleen and expectorant

Six kinds of Chenpi medicated diet can strengthen the spleen and expectorant

Introduction: Chinese medicine believes that orange peel has dryness, dampness, phlegm, and spleen and stomach stagnation.

If you have symptoms of cough and phlegm, you can eat some orange peel medicated diet, and you can achieve the effect of drying and dampening phlegm without taking medicine.

Here we introduce the following 6 tanned medicated diets for your reference.

   Tangerine peel, also known as tangerine peel, is the peel of mature fruits of various tangerines, such as the rutaceous plant futang or jujube.

Tangerine is one of the fruits that people love, not only rich in nutrition, good color, aroma and taste, but also has high medicinal and edible value, it is a good health product for the elderly.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that orange peel has a bitter taste, bitterness, warmth, enters the lungs, and spleen meridian. It has the effects of qi and middle, lowering vomiting, drying temperature and reducing phlegm., Fatigue, fatigue, thin stools, cough and sputum.

Pharmacological studies show that this product contains volatile oil, flavonoids (such as hesperidin), inositol, vitamin B and so on.

The volatile oil has a certain stimulating effect on the digestive tract, is beneficial to the discharge of gas from the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the secretion of gastric juice, and helps digestion; it can stimulate the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, increase secretion, and can be replaced by sputum;Prevent microvascular bleeding; flavonoids can lower blood lipids.

Here are a few treatments of Chenpi medicine for everyone to replace.

   Chenpi porridge ingredients: Chenpi 10 grams, rice 50 grams.

Method: Wash the rind, cut into pieces, fry the juice to remove the residue; remove the rice, put it into the pot, add the rind juice and the right amount of water, cook for porridge, take 1 dose daily; or grind the rindFor fines, take 3-5 grams each time and transfer to gruel.

   Efficacy: feasible qi and spleen, phlegm and cough, applicable to stagnation of stagnation and qi stagnation, abdominal fullness, indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, cough a lot, chest tightness, etc.

   Ingredients for Chenpi Lean Meat: 10 grams of Chenpi, 50 grams of lean pork, 3 slices of ginger, and appropriate seasoning.

Method: Wash the rind and cut into fine pieces; cut the shallot into sections; wash the lean pork, shred, and use starch, soy sauce, and cooking wine to thicken; put the vegetable oil in the pot and heat it, and add the onion and ginger.Then stir-fry the shredded pork and stir-fry the tangerine peel. When cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and stir-fry.

   Efficacy: It can strengthen the spleen and appetite, make acid and relieve pain, and is suitable for stomach stagnation, stomach pain caused by excessive gastric acid, heating, and vomiting water.

   Chenpi catfish raw materials: Chenpi 10 g, catfish 250 g, seasoning.

Method: Soak the peel, wash, shred; slice ginger; grind the pepper; cut the shallot into sections; remove the scales from the anchovy and wash; place the peel, ginger, pepper, and shallot into the belly of the fish, and thenPut anchovies in a bowl, place ginger slices on top, add rice wine, vinegar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and water in the right amount. Stew in water and serve.

   Efficacy: It can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach, suitable for deficiency of cold stomach pain, chronic ulcer, chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and so on.

   Ingredients for Chenpi duck: 10 grams of Chenpi, 1 duck, and seasoning.

Method: Duck the hair and mix it, wash it, add stewed stew, and remove it when it is slightly rotten. Remove the duck bones when it is cold, with the breasts facing up, and put it in the enamel pot; add the appropriate amount of milk powder to the stewed duck, and boil the chicken.Add cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper powder, ginger powder, etc., and boil it. Put it into an enamel basin. Place the shredded tanned peel on the boneless duck and steam it in a basket for 30 minutes.

   Efficacy: Can strengthen the spleen and appetizer, suitable for weak spleen and stomach, loss of appetite, malnutrition, physical weakness and weight loss.

  Chenpi oil hot chicken raw materials: 15 grams of Chenpi, 1 tender rooster (about 1500 grams), the right amount of seasoning.

Method: Remove the hair from the rooster, wash it, put it into the pot, add the chopped brown skin, shallots, ginger, pepper, salt, etc., cook until the chicken is six, and remove and cool; then put the chicken and marinadePut it in the pot and cook over medium heat until the chicken is mature, remove and let cool; then put the chicken and marinade in the pot, cook over low heat until the chicken is cooked, and remove; add the marinade with sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, etc.Put the thick soup on the chicken skin and pour the remaining juice out.

When you put the vegetable oil in the pan and burn it to 90% heat, first fry the remaining tan peel in the pan and fry the chicken repeatedly with the tan fried oil until the skin is red and bright, then take out the sesame oil and chop it into make.
   Efficacy: It can be used for warming and invigorating qi, drying dampness and strengthening the spleen, suitable for fullness of the chest and abdomen, without thinking about diet, vomiting and nausea.

  Chicken orange powder porridge ingredients: 5 grams of chicken internal gold, 3 grams of dried orange peel, 2 grams of amomum, 30 grams of rice, seasoned with sugar.

Method: research the fine powder together; rice is washed, add water to cook porridge, add powder and sugar when cooked, cook until the porridge is cooked and eat, 2 times a day, 1 bowl each at mid-night.

  Efficacy: It can invigorate the spleen and eliminate the product, and is suitable for swollen abdomen caused by inadequate diet in children, thin yellow muscles, vomiting, and sticky stools.

  Tips: Chenpi has the function of drying dampness and reducing phlegm, so it is especially suitable to take cough and sputum.

The citrus peel is preferably aged, and the citrus peel of Guangdong Xinhui Mandarin and Chazhi Mandarin is the best. The prescription names are “Guang Chenpi” and “Xinhui Pi”.

However, Chenpi is hot and humid, and the tongue is red and shaojin, and those with real heat should be used with caution.


Create a beautiful waist in three steps

Create a beautiful waist in three steps

“Everyone wants to find the best way to shape the abdomen,” said Dr. Recaviz, a sports scientist and scientist at the University of New Mexico.

In real life, if the shape of the abdomen is beautiful, it is necessary to perform cardio exercises, strength exercises of the whole body, and diet to the heart.

“How many times did step one be done?

  Follow the listed exercises step by step 3 to 5 times a week.

The first two items are to warm up for the next training.

Each exercise is performed in 10 groups in a standard action posture.

Make 3 to 5 sets of left and right ends by twisting.

If it’s not easy to do well, you can do 4 to 6 groups first, then add 10 groups.

  Step 1 for waist training: Lie on your back with your body facing upwards, align slightly and lift up.

At this time, the large lumbar tendon is in a relaxed state, and the spine is in a state of vertical stretching.

  Step 2 Waist Exercise Step 2: Thigh and align with force, gather your legs together.

Exhale slowly while aiming nearby.

At this time, the main point of the contraction of the big lumbar tendon is to move the pelvis and stretch the back.

  Step 3 Waist Exercise Step 3: Bend your toes and legs at a 90-degree angle, and apply pressure to the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and insertion area. Keep this position for about 5 seconds.

    Step 4 Waist Exercise Step 4: Slowly return your legs to the state of step 2 while inhaling, and finally return to the original position.

Persevering in practice will soon have results.


Several countermeasures after offending the boss_1

Several countermeasures after offending the boss

First, don’t expect hope for understanding.

  Regardless of the reason you “offend” your boss, we often want to tell our colleagues about their difficulties.

  If the mistake is made by your boss and your colleagues make bad statements and are not willing to get involved in your dispute with your boss, how can you comfort you?

If you caused it yourself, they ca n’t bear to say that you ‘re not. Sprinkle salt on your wound. People with bad intentions will add branches and leaves and feed back to the boss, deepening the cracks between you and your boss.

  So the best way is to sober the crux of the problem and find a suitable solution, so that you can start a good relationship with your boss again.

  Second, find a suitable opportunity to communicate.

  It is necessary to eliminate the gap between you and your boss. It is better to take the initiative to call yourself an “olive branch”.

If you are wrong, you must have the courage to admit your mistakes, find the crux of your differences with your boss, explain to your boss, and show that you will learn from this in the future and hope to continue to get the attention of your boss.

If it is the cause of the boss, when there is a lot of looseness, communicate your thoughts with the other party in a gentle way. You can also impulse or ask the boss for generosity.Not only can achieve the purpose of communicating with each other, but also provide a decent step for them, which is beneficial to restore the good relationship between you and your boss.

  Third, use some light occasions to show respect for him.

  Even an enlightened boss can easily notice his authority and hope to be respected by his subordinates, so when you conflict with your boss, it is best to let the unhappiness be a thing of the past, and you do not hinder in some casual occasions, such as dinners, networkingSay hello to your superiors at events, toast your wine, to show your respect for the other party, your superiors will keep it in mind, eliminate or dilute hostility towards you, and at the same time show people your culture and manners.


Yoga Simple Weight Loss Exercise

Yoga Simple Weight Loss Exercise

Kineticians tell us: “Yoga is very effective in shaping the body, balancing the body, and burning.

“Yoga can make significant improvements in physical strength, endurance, softness and breathing.

The following is a famous yoga teacher SuzanneDeason’s “Yoga Bodybuilding Exercise” tailored for Chinese readers.

  Practice rules: Minimize each exercise and breathe deeply through your nose.

Follow the instructions in the order.

After the exercise is completed, lie flat on the mat with your face up, shrink your limbs, palms up, and slowly adjust your breathing until it is even.

  In the first quarter, stand upright, take a big step forward with your right leg, and extend your left foot by 45 degrees so that the toenails of your right leg and right foot are on a horizontal line.

Bend your body and place the palm of your right hand behind your right foot, supporting the ground.

When you try to compress your left arm, still keep your right thigh parallel to the ground.

  Targeted areas: entire back, leg muscles, hip muscles, abdomen and lumbar muscles.

  Special molding: try to expand the size as much as possible, not hump, so that you can extend the length.

This action is also very effective for tightening the gluteal muscles.

  Section 2 Lie face down on the mat, support the body with a long arm, the width of the arm is the same width as the top, and the fingers point directly in front.

Tighten your muscles and raise your hips.

Keep your body level and your toes support the ground, and you will feel pressure.

Try to tighten the muscles in your abdomen and legs, hold on for a while, then lie on the ground and rest for a while.

Repeat this action several times.

  Target areas: arm, leg muscles, hip muscles, abdomen and lumbar muscles.

Dark, back and thighs.

  Special shaping: only the muscles of the abdomen and thigh fractures are collected, so that the arm muscles do not form a serious aunt push.

  Section 3 Lie flat on the ground with your face facing up and your feet flat, with your feet open as wide as your sides, and bend until the bone above the calf is perpendicular to the ground.

Tighten the buttocks muscles and lift the front a few inches off the ground to arch your body and the ground.

Keep your arms close to the ground, tighten the muscles in your hips and legs, lift your feet up, and clasp your hands tightly under your body.

Hold on to this position for a while, then relax, lie on the ground and rest, continue to repeat this action.

(If you want to overcome this challenge, try raising one leg and pointing it to the ceiling!

  Target areas: glutes, thighs, lumbar muscles, lower half of the tail.

  Special emphasis: once your body is arched, put your hands under the body and lift up your body and hips, this will also make your hip muscles more tight.

  Section 4 Note: If you are a beginner and have never supported your body with tweezers, or have problems with the cervical spine, it is best not to try this at the beginning.

  A: The starting action is the same as in the third quarter.

Then put your hands behind your waist for support.

Bend your legs up and down each time.

If you can’t support your body with your ankles, you can bend the bends to reduce the pressure on your shoulders.

  B: Extend your two legs straight to the ceiling, and close your legs. Imagine that you are transferring energy from your head to your toes. If this posture is too tired, bend your legs for a while and take a break (such as action A).

(If you put a towel under your neck and under the neck, it will reduce the stretch on these parts and feel more comfortable.

  Target areas: front, back, abdomen, hips, legs.

  Special attention: pay attention to the eyes looking upwards, tightly shrink the rot, and try to keep the main shaft and legs in a straight line, perpendicular to the ground.