[How to fry pancakes will not turn black]_How to do_How to do

[How to fry pancakes will not turn black]_How to do_How to do

Many people will find in the process of cutting ravioli that after the ravioli is cut, it will turn black in the air. Just like we usually cut potatoes, the potatoes will turn black. This is also the oxidation reaction in the air.Although the blackened cymbals will not deteriorate, but the color will affect the appearance, so many people will put them in the water after cutting the cymbals, so how to fry the cymbals?

To prevent darkening, stir-fry pancakes can be immersed in salt water to replace air to slow down oxidation and blackening.

The lotus root is washed and peeled as soon as possible, and then chopped as soon as possible, and then put into salt water as soon as possible. The lotus root contains a lot of polyphenol oxidases, which can be classified and oxidized into black oxides when exposed to air for a long time.Salt water can reduce the amount of oxygen ions in the water, avoid direct contact between air and lotus root, and prevent darkening after cutting.

Reasons why the lotus root turns black: The lotus root contains tannin substances, which can be easily oxidized and discolored. The longer the time, the deeper the color changes, the darker the tannin will be when it comes into contact with iron appliances, and the lotus root will turn black.The lotus root also contains some phenolic substances. These substances are exposed to the air and will be blackened by oxidation.

The blackening of lotus root is mainly due to oxidation. The substances produced by the oxidation are not toxic to the human body, but the color of the surface of the lotus root changes. It is a color reaction. The internal substances are non-toxic and can be consumed.
Precautions for eating lotus root: 1, those with spleen deficiency and cold stomach, and those who are prone to diarrhea should not eat raw lotus root. The coldness of raw lotus root is cold. It is difficult to digest cold raw food, which hinders the spleen and stomach.

2, lotus root is best not to eat raw.

Some maggots are parasitic to ginger worms and can easily cause ginger worm disease.

When people eat raw maggots with cysts, cysts will develop into adults in the small intestine. Adults attach to the intestinal mucosa, which will cause intestinal damage and ulcers, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, indigestion, and children will have facial swelling., Developmental delay, mental retardation and other symptoms.

3. The cut salamander should not be stored directly.

Uncut lotus roots can be left in the room for a week, but because lotus roots tend to turn black, and the cut-off parts are susceptible to decay, the cut lotus roots should be placed on top of each other to keep it fresh and refrigerated for about a week.