[Can pregnant women eat lobelia]_ Lobelia _ pregnant_ can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat lobelia]_ Lobelia _ pregnant_ can you eat

The diet of pregnant women is compared by many people, and special attention needs to be paid to diet and medication.

Lobelia is also called lobelia, which is a Chinese herbal medicine. It is necessary to know whether pregnant women can eat lobelia. In general, pregnant women should take caution in medicine.


Lobelia Lobelia is a kind of grass that grows in the wet field spot. The traditional Chinese medicine Lobelia is the whole grass of the Chinese bellflower family Lobelia.

Thin stalks emerge.

Like vines, the leaves grow thinly.

Flowers bloom in autumn, reddish purple.

Only half.

Like a lotus flower, it is named Lobelia.

In the summer, the whole grass is harvested, and the medicine is made through the processes of sand removal, washing, and drying.


The effect is swelling and detoxification, clearing heat and diuretic, and can be applied externally or internally.

Traditional Chinese medicine has traditionally used heat-clearing, detoxifying and swelling remedies for snake bites.

It is not only a famous snake venom, but also a famous edema cure.


Pregnant women eat with caution is generally recommended to eat less.

Pay attention to fetal movement.

If you ca n’t eat food during pregnancy, do n’t eat harmful foods or learn to control.

For pregnant women’s friends, because they are in a special period, they must be extra careful.


Note that pregnant women, as a special group, have an increased demand for nutrients. In addition to daily dietary adjustments, they must also take drugs to supplement nutritional elements. Generally, they need to take vegan tablets in the morning in the third trimester and calcium tablets in the evening until labor.

If you are in good health, you can avoid taking the medicine. It is poisonous, so if you can’t eat it, don’t take it. If you want to take it, the specific dose should be taken according to the doctor’s advice after relevant inspection.